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You guys know I’ve been on a quest to unlock my g-spot so I’ve been reading and watching about everything I can get my hands on that relate to g-spot stimulation and female ejaculation.  Including the awesome collection of g-spot articles Good Vibrations offers on their site.  When Gush – The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation was offered to review through Good Vibrations I snatched it up.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Adult Instruction DVD
  • Length: 1 hour 38 minutes
  • Extras: G-spot hunting, Educational Slide Show, Cast interviews, Extra with Dylan and Mickey
  • Price: $29.95 for DVD, $9.95 for stream to own or iTunes
  • Pros: Some good information (even very detailed); Natural bodied women; Great personal experiences in cast interviews; Various scenes with male-female, female-female, and solo
  • Cons: Not so much a “guided tour”; The radio show portions just seem out of place and disconnected; The animations on the slide show are a bit lame; Some of the scenes didn’t really get me going
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5
  • Recommended: Kinda, but I’d go with the cheaper download options than the actual DVD

Gush is part of the Pleasure-Ed series which are guides that talk about and show you how to have better sex.  The front cover states that it i shosted by Dr. Carol Queen who is the founder of The Center for Sex and Culture.  There really isn’t anything overly sexy on the front cover.  The back cover has a few screen captures and a some information about the DVD and Dr. Carol Queen.  It states that she conducts a guided tour of g-spot stimulation as well as show-and-tell with sex professionals and real-life couples.

The main video opens with Dr. Carol Queen in a radio studio answering questions.  The first question isn’t really even a g-spot question, it’s just about orgasms in general.  She also seems  a little braggy when talking about her degree and almost seems to put down “sexperts” who don’t go for higher education.  After the one question though it cuts to a scene between Syd Blackovich & Sophia St. James.  Between each scene, the video basically it cuts back to the radio show.  There is no direction through-out the video and it is by no means a “guided tour” like the box says.  The questions Dr. Queen answers in the radio show are kind of nice, but very specific and I didn’t find them particularly useful.  When she is talking on the show they do cut in and out to some of the clips from the rest of the scenes, but it still feels a little disconnected for me.

As far as the scenes go they were fairly diversified and didn’t focus on just hetro-couples.  There are five scenes in total and they are as follows:  Syd Blackovich & Sophia St. James, Mirabelle Hayes & Maxwell Silver, Jiz Lee (solo), Dylan Ryan & Mickey Mod, and Gloria & Altair Shadow.  I have to say my favorite scene by far was the solo session with Jiz Lee.  Probably because of the giant glass thing she uses and squirts a lot.  Next I really like Dylan’s scene.  She’s just so cute and peppy.  It was also the only scene to actually have sort of a “plot” which wasn’t really necessary, but kind of fun.  The other scenes were nice, but they just didn’t really get me going.  I did like though that gloves were used in the Gloria & Altair scene as well as a condom in Dylan & Mickey’s scene.  Safe sex in porn is just hot.  I also loved that all the women were natural bodied and truly seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Checkout some of the screen captures:

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There are a few extra features with the video, the first being “G-spot Hunting with Dr. Carol”.  This 25 minute video is where Dr. Carol talks about women’s anatomy and pleasure cycles and most importantly, the g-spot.  She also talks about several myths with g-spots.  I found this segment to be much more helpful than any of the questions answered during the “radio show” portions of the main video.  The second feature is called “The Fountain of the Goddess” which is an educational slide show by Sheri Winston who is a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife.  This feature is about 45 minutes long and takes a deeper look into female ejaculation.  It’s not a video though, it’s just a slide show with audio over-top of it.  She rambles a bit at first, but then starts talking about some anatomy etc.  She does really like to use the word “juicy” to me, which I just find completely unsexy.  She does talk a lot about the internal features such as pelvic floor muscles and the female erectile network which was very interesting.  This segment is very in-depth though, so if you really don’t care about the very small details of arousal, I would skip watching it.  She does that that all women can squirt and that if “sooner or later squirting will happen for you and your friends” which I didn’t find that encouraging.  The animations on the slides are also a little lame and poorly drawn.  The cast interviews were very nice, I prefer to hear the experiences from other women and what has helped them, that just seems more helpful.  The extra with Dylan and Mickey was also another cast interview, just longer with only that couple.  I do find that Dylan’s description of what happens for her was very helpful and I enjoyed it a lot.

Overall, Gush – The Offical Guide to the G-spot & Female Ejaculation is a decent video.  I would recommending getting it at the cheaper price by downloading it from Good Vibrations “stream to own” program or from iTunes, I think that price makes it a much better buy.  I do wish there were more of a guidance and connection between what is being done in the scenes to the information presented.  I also think that using the footage from the radio show was a little cheap.  I think it would have been better to have the info in the radio portion as an extra while having the “hunting the g-spot” extra part of the main feature.  There are some really nice and hot scenes in this video and the information presented, particularly in the cast interviews, was very helpful for me.  Also don’t forget to check out Good Vibrations page on the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation where you can find lots of articles on how to find your g-spot as well as list of toys that may help you in your quest to gushing glory.

*This review was sponsored by Good Vibrations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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  • I got to review this as well. Didn’t ya just love Jiz’s cake plate display? lol I saw where someone else was wondering what her glass plug was. I ‘think’ it’s an Icicles Glass Plug. I was scrolling through banners on babeland and it looks like the same thing. I could be wrong though.

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