Review: Hathor Aphrodisia Sensual Love Lotion

I’ve always had my eye on the Hathor Aphordisia products.  You guys know I love massage lotions and oil and there was something that just drew me to this product.  SheVibe was looking for someone to try it out the Hahtor Aphrodisia Sensual Love Lotion, so I jumped on it.

The Run Down:

hathor love lotion

The lotion tube

The Hathor Love Lotion comes in a shiny metallic copper colored tube.  It has the Hator logo on it, which is an enlongated heart with a dasiy looking flower in the center.  Around the outside of the heart are little sperm shapes with the heads against the heart, much like how they are trying to get into an egg.  I find the logo to be really cute and amusing, but it may not be the most discreet.   The tube is about 6.5″ long, so it’s possible to tuck it in a bedside drawer if you don’t want to leave it out.  The front of the tube says “hathor aphrodisia sensual love lotion creme sensuelle d’amore”.  The back lists a little more about the product and the ingredients.  It does say that it contains ethically cultivated essential oils from aphrodisiac properties.  The tube has a flip top that’s easy to open and dispense.

The lotion itself looks like any other lotion.  It’s a creamy white and is fairly thick.  It doesn’t drip or run.  It spreads easily and absorbs fairly quickly, since it is a lotion, but it does leave your skin soft and smooth with a little extra slide.  It doesn’t last as long as an oil, but it does work for a nice massage.  The lotion is nice for all over use as well since it leaves you super soft.  The scent however, is fairly strong.  To me it smells sort of like an Indian type spice and is a bit musky, perhaps would remind many of their hippy days.  It contains essential oils of rosewood, tangerine, ylang ylang, geranium, cedarwood, and patchouli.  I find the smell to be pleasant, but it is a little much for me to use as an all over body lotion.  The scent is strong, but I do enjoy it for a back massage.  It’s strong enough that I can smell it easily while being rubed, but it isn’t too over whelming.  Once it gets onto  my front and arms, it is too much for me.

Overall, I do like the Hathor Love Lotion a lot.  Some people may not like it because of how strong it is, so if you do not like really strong scents, or any of the scents of the essential oils, you may want to pass on this.  I do love how soft it leaves me and wish I could find something similar with less of a scent for an all over lotion.  If this is something you want to try though, please contact SheVibe and tell them you want them to carry this product.

*This review was sponsored by SheVibe, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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