Review: Heart Ice Cube Tray

I don’t review novelties very often, but I thought I’d cover a cute item I purchased recently, the Heart Ice Cube Tray from Eden Fantasys.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Novelty
  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Size: 7″ x 4″ x 3/4″
  • Price: $5.99
  • Pros: Cute; Fairly durable; Can make your drinks (or ice play) extra flirty
  • Cons: May be a bit messy to fill; Hard to get the smallest hearts out
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

heart ice cube tray


The Heart Ice Cube Tray comes in a plastic sleeve with cardboard at the top.  There’s nothing really special about the packaging, it does its job.  It’s not a sexual product so there’s nothing naughty about the packaging at all.  I do like the cute cartoon lady holding the plate of drinks though.  The packaging isn’t really good for storage, but I don’t think you need it.  I would just stick this in my cabinet or leave it in my freezer.


heart ice cube tray

The tray full of ice

It can be a bit more difficult to fill than a regular ice cube tray.  That’s not to say it’s hard but if you’re not careful you can get water everywhere.  The only other issue I had is that it can be hard to bet the smallest hearts out.  The large and medium pop out easily but the little ones just don’t like to come out.  Also, don’t be worried if your tray bows a bit, it will do that when you twist it to pop the ice out.  I did get a small crack in the edge of one end, but it’s not spreading.  I think it’s a fairly durable little tray.


heart ice cube tray

Showing the hearts

The hearts do come out quite nicely.  I prefer the large and medium ones over the very small ones.  These would be very cute for a sweet romantic dinner (hmm perhaps Valentine’s day?) or just to make your drinks extra flirty.  But wait, there’s always a sexy use for things! Well, most anything… This will add a cute extra flirty tone to your ice play.  I personally don’t like ice (I hate being cold) but for those of you that do, these would be very cute.


heart ice cube tray

Heart bars!

Now, why did I want this thing?  Well, if you noticed up at the top I started a page for my Sensual Geek Candles.  I’ve started making my own homemade massage candles and I wanted to try to make massage bars as well.  So far the bars are still in the works (trying to get the right ratios) but I did make some!  You might notice that there is no small heart.  Well that’s because it was impossible to get out.  I tried hot water to loose it up, hair dryer, beating it, nothing would get it out.  I’m not horribly upset about this though because they would have been so small they’d only last for a massage or two.  I did really like how the other two sizes turned out though!

Overall, I think the Heart Ice Cube Tray is very cute and can add some flirty fun to your drinks (with a special someone or a night out with the girls).  It can even add a little extra romance to your ice play.  You can check it out at Eden Fantasys and they also carry a penis and boobie ice cube tray.  Don’t expect massage bars in those shapes anytime soon…

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product picture
Gags by California Exotic
Special features: Bachelor party, Bachelorette party
Color: Pink

*This review was not sponsored by any company, it was a product I purchased on my own and choose to give my independent opinion on*

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