Review: Intimate Organics Defense Lube

My friend True Pleasure is a busy little thing, so she asked me to review a few lubes sent to her from Intimate Organics.  The first one I’m going to be reviewing is the Defense Sea Kelp & Guava Bark Lubricant.

The Run Down:

intimate organics defense lube

The package

The Defense Lube comes in a small box with a green color scheme.  The front has a partial image of a woman’s wet torso, but it is not obscene.  It kind of looks like a picture that could be on a fancy bath product.  The one side lists the ingredients and the other lists the key points of the lube.  The back has the directions and tells you a little bit about the product.  All the info is listed in three languages which is nice.  The bottle however, only lists the ingredients and directions in one language.  The bottle is a dark emerald green with a flip top.  I think the color of the bottle is beautiful, it’s such a dark rich green (and I don’t usually like green).  The cap is a flip top cap which is fairly easy to use and doesn’t appear to leak at all.

I was hoping that the lube would not be the same color as the bottle and was glad to see that it is completely clear.  It has a fairly typical consistency and lies somewhere between a super runny liquid and a gel.  It will run a bit, but it is not so runny you cannot apply it where you want it.  It is fairly slick, but if used on an open area it does get a bit sticky, so I would not recommend using it for hand jobs.  However, since it’s a water-based lube you can reactivate it with some water, so it works much better for vaginal use.  I didn’t notice it when I used it for masturbation, but if you put it on an open surface and let it dry, it will leave a bit of a film and needs to be washed off.  It’s fairly easy to wash off though, since it is water-based.  Aside from that, it’s a fairly decent lube.  It does have a slight smell, but it mostly smells plant-y or earthy, but not really bad.  I did also taste it (oh the things I do for you guys) and I can tell you it does not taste very good, so I’d try to keep it out of your mouth.  It tasted a bit bitter and lubey and it was just not good.

intimate organics defense lube

The bottle

The ingredients are certified organic, but there are a few chemicals in it.  It is glycerin, paraben, and DEA free and is naturally derived and pure vegan.  Most of the ingredients are typically used as skin and hair conditioners, so it should leave you soft.  However, two, Methylisothiazolinone and Methyl Ether, did have a bit of research linking them to cause skin irritation and toxicity.  If you’ve had a negative reaction to these ingredients in the past I would stay away, however, I did not have any issues with this product.

Overall, the Intimate Organics Defense Lubricant is a decent lube.  It wasn’t overly amazing, but it is glycerin and paraben free and is vegan and certified organic.  If that’s something that’s important to you I think it may be worth it.

*This review was sponsored by Intimate Organics, the product was sent to TruePleasures free of charge who then sent it to me to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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