Review: Intimate Organics Melt Warming Lube

I recently reviewed the Intimate Organics Defense Lube that True Pleasures sent me.  She also sent me two other lubes that she wanted me to review and today I’m reviewing the Melt Warming Lube.

The Run Down:

intimate organics melt warming lube

The lube

The Melt comes in a cute little box, much like the Defense lube, except the color scheme is different.  For Melt they went with a pale orange color.  I was hoping that the bottle would be colored like the other box, but it’s just a clear bottle.  The bottle uses the flip top just like the Defense lube that’s easy to use.  Other than that there isn’t much to say about it.

The lube itself is clear, but when you look at it in the bottle it has a very slight yellow tint.  In just a few drops on your fingers though it just looks clear.  It’s also runnier than the Defense lube.  While it’s not sticky, it definitely feels thicker and greasier.  I’d also say it had oil it it, but it does not list it in the ingredients so it is latex compatible.  I’m not a big fan of the texture though.  It doesn’t feel natural and it leaves me feeling like I need to wash it off, which I hate.  The bottle says that it mixes well with a woman natural fluids, but I didn’t find that it did.

One thing I do like a lot more about the Melt lube than the Defense lube is it’s smell.  The Defense lube had an odd almost bitter sort of smell to it.  Melt has a much nicer and floral smell to it.  I suppose it’s probably from the Cinnamon and GojiBerry and such.  I was also brave and tasted it and it’s rather sweet but it left my tongue feeling a bit weird and tingly.  The bottle says it’s safe to ingest but I wouldn’t want to use it for oral.

Now, this is listed as a warming lubricant.  I have not had much luck with warming lubes in the past, I usually just get no warming sensation.  When I tried it on the back of my hand I could immediate tell it started to warm as soon as I began to rub it or blow on it.  It also contains Cinnamon Bark Extract and Ginger Root Extract which will both cause a warming effect.  However, when used on my clit and vulva, I could barely notice any warming feeling.  I suppose it’s just so warm already it isn’t as sensitive to it.

As far as the other ingredients go it does contain glycerin.  It is a vegetable derived glycerin, but if you know you have issues with it or don’t want to risk it, I would probably stay away from this lube.  Also if you have any sensitives to ginger or cinnamon I would probably stay away from it as well.  All the ingredients are certified organic and all vegan.

Overall, I’m not a big fan of the Intimate Organics Melt Warming Lubricant.  Warming lubes do so little for me their just not worth it and even the texture of this lube isn’t something I enjoy.  It may be better suited to mail masturbation, since it’s greasy it should last longer than a standard water-based lube.  If you’re looking for a vegan and certified organic warming lube you should check this out, but if not, I’d say pass on it.

*This review was sponsored by Intimate Organics, the product was sent to TruePleasures free of charge who then sent it to me to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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