Review: Intimate Organics Soothe Anal Lubricant

Previously I’ve reviewed a few of Intimate Organics new lubricants, Defense and Melt.  Today I’m going to review the last one that I received, Intimate Organics Soothe Anal Lubricant.

The Run Down:

intimate organics soothe anal lubricant

The box

Like the other two lubricants I’ve reviewed, Soothe comes in a small cardboard box.  It does say “Anal Lubricant” in fairly large print so it’s not the most discreet box in the world.  The label on the bottle looks pretty much the same as the box, but has a bit smaller print and the back ground image is the same as all three lubricants.  The bottle is completely clear.

The lube itself is also clear and compared to the other two it’s much thicker and more like a gel.  It’s not so thick that it won’t run at all, but it runs very slowly so it’s very easy to apply where you want.  It spreads easily and has a thick feeling to it.  For vaginal use it doesn’t feel very natural since it does have a thick feeling to it.  However, since this is marketed as an anal lube I think it would be perfect for anal use.  It’s much thicker than the other two and when you spread it on the skin you can see it stays while the others will bead up.  I didn’t find that it gets sticky at all.  It will wash off very easily with water.

intimate organics soothe anal lubricant

The bottle

One thing to mention, it does seem to have a fairly strong smell.  I don’t find it to be a bad smell, but even just getting a drop out, it has a very strong floral smell.  It doesn’t have much of a taste, but I would probably pass on this as a lube for oral sex, but if you get it in your mouth it’s not the worst thing ever.  As far as the ingredients, it is paraben and DEA free.  It does however have glycerin, though it is plant derived, but if you know you have issues, I would recommend staying away from this.  If you use this purely as an anal lube though you may not ave any problems.  It also has anti-bacterial extracts, such as guava bark extract.  This may help reduce any chance of infection if you get a little too rough.  It’s also latex condom friendly and purely vegan.  If you’re looking for a vegan anal lubricant this may be it.  However, there are many chemicals in this, so it’s not 100% organic.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with Intimate Organics Soothe for vaginal play, but I think for it’s marketed purpose it would work very well, especially if you’re looking for a vegan water-based anal lube.  It’s very thick and slick.  I thought it was odd that it had such a strong fragrance, but probably from the organic extracts.

*This review was sponsored by Intimate Organics, the product was sent to TruePleasures free of charge who then sent it to me to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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