Review: Key Ceres G

Today’s review is another from the Key line from Jopen.  A while back I reviewed the Key Nyx when it first came out, but I wasn’t too impressed.  I had heard good things about the Comet, so I was hoping Ceres G would be more similar to that than the Nyx.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie or out-ie; Vibrator
  • Manufacturer:  Jopen
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  7.5″ total length; 5″ insertable length; 1.5″ maximum diameter
  • Price:  $62.99
  • Pros:  Very smooth silicone; No seams; Great shape; Works well for my g-spot;  Deeper vibrations; Strong for two AA’s
  • Cons:  Batteries are difficult to remove;  Added texture is difficult to feel; Not rechargeable
  • Intensity: 4.5/5
  • Volume: 3/5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you don’t mind the price

key ceres g packaging

The packaging

The Ceres comes in a package pretty much identical to that as the Key Nyx, just it is longer.  The back has the information and features about the product in English, while the sides list it in other languages.  The front says “Hello, Gorgeous…” (not sure if it’s supposed to be like the toy is talking to you or what ) and says “The Key Ceres G Massager is as powerful as it is beautiful”.  The top portion of the box slides out and you have the inner box which also has information on the back.  The front flap of this opens up and the Ceres is resting in a bed of dense foam.  It comes with two small pamphlets, one has instructions for the toy and the other talks about the warranty and such, but neither are very detailed.  The packaging as a whole seems clinical to me.  It seems much like a hygiene product you would pick up at the store rather than something fun and sexy.

The shape of the Ceres seemed very appealing to me.  I really like the shape of the traditional g-spot style vibrator, which this resembles.  There major difference is there isn’t a really narrow stem, the shaft of the toy measures just over 1″ in diameter.  However, the head of the toy bulges out and curves slightly to a maximum diameter of 1.5″.  The toy measures about 7.5″ in total length with around 5″ to 5.5″ being insert-able.  The insert-able portion is rather rigid for the most part, but has a silky smooth silicone covering.  The silicone is soft and has very little drag to it and just overall feels nice to touch.  There is no real give to the material but there is a slightly flexible joint between the shaft and where the head of the toy starts.  The other portion of the toy is made from a matching translucent ABS plastic, although the button on the bottom feels like it is made from metal, rather than plastic.  While the silicone portion of the toy is easy to clean, there is a gap between the silicone and the plastic at the end that lets gunk get in.  This will be an area to pay attention to when you are cleaning.  I would clean the toy as you would any other silicone toy (soap and water or toy cleaner) and then removing the end cap and using a wet cloth to clean both sides of the gap.

key ceres g vibrator

The vibrator

As I mentioned, the plastic portion twists off to access the battery compartment.  The Ceres uses two AA batteries and there is a small plastic sleeve that wraps around the batteries; this likely helps noise reduction.  There is an o-ring between the base and the batter cap, but I would not trust it to be waterproof, I would suggest treating it as splash proof (use it in the shower but don’t submerge it).  On the bottom of the end cap is the metal button to turn it on.  Once on, it will continue to cycle through the patterns and to turn it off you have to press and hold the button.  It features 7 functions, with only one being a steady vibration.  While functions can be fun, I generally prefer the steady speeds and I like a few steady speeds at various levels because I like to build up to a more intense vibration.  That’s one downside to the Ceres.  However, it packs a surprising punch.  For just two AA’s it has a very strong and deep vibration, not what I expected or got out of the Nyx.

key ceres g vibrator

The vibrator and end cap

In use, I really enjoy the vibrations externally.  While I wish there was a setting with more of a build up, the vibrations are deep and I can play with some of the patterns before moving to the steady speed.  Internally though, the vibrations were a bit too strong for me.  I tend to not use vibrations internally, so it made me feel a little weird, especially when I hadn’t used internal vibrations in a while.  Occasionally when the mood hits it’s something I want.  That being said, if you love a stronger deep vibration on your g-spot, the Ceres would be a great option.  For me though, I stick to just the shape without the vibration.  The curved bulbed shape works great for my g-spot, especially since the material is rigid with little give.  If you need a firm pressure on your g-spot, you can get it with this toy.  Another note, there is some other very light texturing on the toy.  It was not noticeable to me at all once inserted, so I feel it’s more for the overall look of the toy, rather than added sensation.

Overall, I enjoy the Key Ceres G.  The vibrations are great for me externally and the shape works well for my g-spot.  I think it would be great for partner use for me.  Unfortunately the vibrations made me feel a little funny internally, but would work wonders if you need a strong deep vibration on your g-spot and like to be able to apply pressure.  It is a little on the pricey side, especially since it isn’t rechargeable.  If price isn’t as much of a concern, I do think it could be a great addition, especially if you are shopping for a picky g-spot.  The Ceres is available in blue, pink, or lavender.

*This review was sponsored by Jopen, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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