Review: LadyGasm Cici

A while back I was contacted by the owner several adult toy brands such as Mangasm and Ladygasm.  After a little chatting, I was sent the Ladygasm Cici, their most affordable luxury vibrator, to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Dual stimulator
  • Manufacturer:  Ladygasm
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  7″ total length; 2.75″ insert-able length; 1.125″ at the widest
  • Price:  $25.00
  • Pros:  Study re-usable packaging; Soft silky silicone; Quite
  • Cons:  May not be a package you want to leave laying out; Very buzzy vibrations; Shape doesn’t work for me
  • Intensity: 3/5
  • Volume: 2/5
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes, but only if you like buzzy vibrations

ladygasm cici

The package

The Ladygasm Cici come sin a small dark reddish box.  The only written on it is the Ladygasm logo on the top.  The toy itself rests inside in velvety plastic insert.  The insert can easily be removed to allow more storage space.  The box itself is fairly study and makes for a good storage spot.  Unless I lost it, there is no instruction booklet that comes with the toy.

The toy itself is just under 7″ in total length and up to about 2.75″ are insert-able.  The base of the toy is made from a black, silky, ABS plastic.  The base is kind of neat because the bottom has these four little feet which actually allows the toy to stand up.  However, it’s not that stable, so it needs a stiff flat surface.  The rest of the toy is a very silky silicone that doesn’t seem to attract a lot of lint.  The shape of this part is a bit different from other rabbit or dual stimulator toys I have tried.  The arm that is intended to stimulate the clit is very thin and only about 1.25″ long.  It has 7 little ticklers on the end.  The head of the shaft is intended for g-spot stimulator and to me, it looks a lot like the head of a snakes.  Don’t worry if you’re terrified of snakes, it’s just a general shape.  Looking at it from the side, the head bulges back and comes to a slightly curved point toward the clit arm.  From the front, it bulges out on either side before tapering to the point.  If you need to use lube, you shouldn’t need much but I would stick with a water-based lube.  It’s also fairly easily to clean and there is a o-ring so it can safely be submerged.  The only thing to be mindful of is the 7 little ticklers on the arm.  You’ll probably want to scrub them a bit to make sure you get in between them clean.

ladygasm cici

The Cici in my hand

The Ladygasm Cici requires two AAA batteries.  The end of the base easily twists off and as I mentioned earlier, there is an o-ring.  There are only two buttons on the base and there are no symbols that tell you what each button does.  The bottom button is a dedicated on/off button while the top button cycles through the patterns.  There are 8 different patterns and there are actually two different motors in the Cici, one in the head of the shaft and another near the clit arm.  The patterns actually take that into account and you can have both on, one or the other on, or a pulsing pattern between the two.  The vibrations, however, are extremely buzzy to me, but they are fairly quiet.  With the little ticklers, it makes it even more intense and for me it was near painful, since my clit does not enjoy strong buzzy vibrations.  The vibrations internally were more enjoyable.  The arm is flexible though so you can easily move it out of the way.  Also, my g-spot is very shallow, so to have the head on my g-spot, the clit arm is not on my clit anyways.

As far as the overall shape, like most rabbits, it just doesn’t fit my body.  I don’t have a g-spot that is 3″ in which means the clit arm just doesn’t hit where it needs to, but this is something I’ve come to learn to accept, rabbits just aren’t made for me.  I also would have preferred a larger, more bulbous head.

Overall, the Ladygasm Cici was not very thrilling for me.  The vibrations are decently strong, but much too buzzy for me.  The shape was okay, but it just didn’t work well with my personal anatomy.  However, I think this will work well for many people.  If you really enjoy rabbit vibrators, this could be a great addition, especially since it’s nice silicone for only $25.  There are many other fun looking luxury style toys in the Ladygasm line, so go check them out!

*This review was sponsored by Ladygasm, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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