Review: l’Amour Thumper

Today I’m going to talk about another product sent to me from the Cal Exotics Sexpert program, the new l’Amour Thumper.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: In-ie and out-ie
  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Size: 9″ total length; 5″ insert-able; 1 1/4″ wide
  • Price: $69.99
  • Pros: Purple; Passed flame test, good quality silicone; Doesn’t collect lots of lint; Battery pack; Very quiet (and muffles even more)
  • Cons: Could up the packaging for the price and add a storage bag; Could be stronger;  Clit arm wasn’t just right for me
  • Intensity: 2.5/5
  • Volume: 1.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

l'amour thumper

The packaging

The packing is pretty standard Cal Exotics packaging, which is a bit disappointing for the price tag.  For 70 bucks I think they could step up from the flimsy plastic box and even throw in a storage bag.  The box is decent for storage, but a cute little bag would really make it.

Aside from the packaging, the first thing I noticed was it’s purple, yey!  I know I get a little too excited over purple, but anyways.  I was also a little reluctant to test it because I’m just not a fan of rabbits.  Rabbit style toys are very body specific and I suppose I don’t have the “average” layout.


l'amour thumper

The Thumper

I find that overall, the Thumper is an attractive toy.  It’s a very pretty purple and the shape is not intimating and the control buttons are sleek.  It’s around 9″ in length with about 5″ being insert-able.  It’s also not a very wide toy and is only about 1 1/4″ wide.   Aside from that, the toy is made from silicone.  I did do a flame test and am happy to tell you that it passed!  I didn’t notice that it attracts a lot of lint, but it is a matte silicon so it will work best with some lube. Because it is silicone, you should only use a water-based lube with it.  The toy is also water-proof so it’s very easy to clean with soap and water or toy cleaner.  You can even bleach it to sterilize it.  Don’t boil it though!  There are internal mechanical parts.


l'amour thumper

Control panel and batter pack

One of the features that I love about the Thumper is that it has a removable battery pack that holds three AAA batteries.  This makes it super easy to remove your batteries while the toy is not in use but keep them handy.  The control panel has three buttons; a dedicated on/off, vibration control, and rotation control.  The buttons light up a very bright blue which I like and are easy to use.



l'amour thumper

The bunny ears

The Thumper has a cute little bunny shaped arm where the vibrations are focused.  The vibrations are a medium-high and a tad buzzy, but exceptionally quiet.  There are three steady levels of vibration and four functions of pulsation and escalation.  The bunny ears really flap a lot too, which is nice if the arm is in the right placement for you.  The biggest issue I have with the arm is that it is fairly inflexible.  I found it difficult to get the arm to a place that really worked for me.

I was surprised at how well the vibrations, which are focused in the bunny arm, transmit up through the shaft.  The vibrations can easily be felt in the tip of the toy.  Aside from vibrations, the top of the shaft also rotates.  It has three speeds of rotation and is also fairly quiet.  I did find that it was much more difficult to stop the rotation on this toy that other similar ones I have which I think is very nice.  I do wish though that it had a wider rotation diameter (swung out farther).  The tip is also slightly curved which will be nice for some g-spot stimulation in some women.  I didn’t notice much, possibly because of how I positioned it for the bunny arm to reach my clit.

Overall, the l’Amour Thumper will be a good toy for many people.  It has a lot of the features I look for in a toy, the shape just didn’t quite work for me.   The Thumper is water-proof, strong enough for most women, super quiet, and made from body safe silicone. I won’t give up on finding a rabbit that is perfect for me though.  There are also three other rabbits in the l’Amour line and you can check them all out at Eden Fantasys.

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product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Silicone

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*This review was sponsored by California Exotic Novelties, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*


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