Review: Lelo Gigi

I have another review from FunWares for you guys today.  Today I get the chance to review the Lelo Gigi.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie and out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  Lelo
  • Includes:  Toy, charger, storage bag
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  6.5″ in length; 3.5″ insertable; 1″ in diameter
  • Price:  $98.95
  • Pros:  Nice packaging; Body safe; Very quiet;  Good strength; Rechargeable
  • Cons:  Shape isn’t great for me, too similar to Lelo Ella
  • Intensity: 3.5/5
  • Volume: 2/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

lelo gigi packaging

The packaging

Ahh packaging.  You guys know I love to talk about it but what more can I say about Lelo packaging?  All their packing is similar.  A colored sleeve to match the color of the product and a very sturdy black box inside.  The Gigi was sitting in a hard plastic form and the charger, instruction manual, and charger are underneath.

the lelo gigi and storage bag

The Gigi

The Gigi itself is around 6.5″ in total length.  The main insert-able portion is about 3.5″ long and silicone.  The handle is the remaining part and is made from ABS plastic.  In generally, the toy was much smaller than I expected.  I’ve heard people say it’s similar to the Lelo Ella, but I anticipated it being a bit larger than that.  The head is very similar in shape to the Ella.  The only difference I noticed it is a little wider and shorter.  The curve to the head is identical though.  Another difference is the Gigi is also very inflexible while the Ella did have a bit of flexibility to it.

Aside from the shape it’s very easy to clean.  It’s rechargeable, but there is a small strap and plug that covers the charging port and it stays in very well.  The area around the buttons is also very well sealed.  Since it is silicone, I would suggest only using a water based lube.  There are two small seems around the silver band, so you may need to be careful to clean that out.  Otherwise you can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, or even bleach it.  Its definitely splash proof, but I feel like as long as your careful it should be water-proof as well.

lelo gigi and lelo ella comparasion

Comparing the Gigi to the Ella

As I said earlier, it is rechargeable and the charge seems to last for a very long time.  I haven’t needed to charge it again.  The intensity is about the same as the Lelo Siri.  It’s also fairly deep, though maybe not *quite* as deep as the Siri, but it’s hard to tell because they are very similar.  I think most people will be satisfied with the strength of the vibrations.  As far as the shape in use though, I found it to be very nice to hold against my clit.  It would be great for someone with limited arm motion for clit stimulation.  As far as the shape when inserted, it was just okay.  It was a lot like the Ella and the shape was just a bit too curved for me.  I did find that I liked it more than I previously did, perhaps the slight change int he head helped.

Overall, I do like the Lelo Gigi, but my preference right now is to use it for clit stimulation.  I like the shape better than the Siri.  For g-spot stimulation, I just found it to be too curved, though I did like it more than I had first liked the Ella.  I think if you loved the Ella, but really want vibrations, look up the Lelo Gigi, but if you’re just looking for a g-spotting dildo, pick up the Lelo Ella.

funwares banner

*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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