Review: Lelo Personal Moisturizer

I think I’ve mentioned many times before how much using a good lube with your sex toys can be so much more fun, so I was very excited to get the Lelo Personal Moisture to review from

The Run Down:

lelo personal moisture packaging

Classy Packaging

Lelo upholds its normal packaging standards for its new lubricant.  The packaging is a sleek black box with no nudity or anything on the box.  It doesn’t even call it a lubricant and on the front of the box says “Personal Moisturizer”.  How much more discreet can you get?  It also does say that it is glycerin and paraben free.  On the side of the box it says:

Lelo’s Personal Moisturizer is specially formulated to enhance the enjoyment and comfort of intimate activities.  This long-lasting water-based formula moisturizes with aloe vera, making it suitable for use in almost any situation you desire.  Glycerin free, paraben free, and fragrance free, it is a safe and satisfying addition to every sensual experience.

Now that’s quiet a big statement, but I feel the product mostly lives up to it.  The back of the box has some basic instructions along with the ingredients.  Like I mentioned, it does not contain glycerin or parabens so it great for women to use.  My only concern is that there are several sweeteners used in this lube (though I didn’t find it tasted sweet) as well as some things, such as Ginseng Extract, that are thought to increase desire.  I did not find that this product increased desire at all and it is also not advertised as such.


lelo personal moisture bottle

Glass Bottle

Lelo also spared no expense with what they actually put the lube in as well.  The 5oz size comes in a beautiful glass bottle.  The smaller size, however, comes in a small tube.   I love the bottle.  It’s super discreet as it only says “Personal Moisturizer” and I leave it setting out on a shelf.  If anyone asked you could say it’s a very high end face moisturizer or something.  The bottle has a pump top which works very well and an acrylic ring that fits around the pump.  The ring allows you to toss it in a bag and not worry about it accidentally getting on anything.  I also wanted to say that the bottle is very sturdy.  I knocked it off a table and it didn’t break or crack.  The only thing I don’t like about the bottle is that it does show finger prints very easily.  That doesn’t affect my opinion of it, it just makes me OCD for wanting to polish a bottle of lube.

The lube itself is a water based lubricant so it is safe to use with all of your Lelo toys (and any other toy).  I was a little wary about the performance of this lube because I had read it does not last long.  However, I didn’t find this to be true.  Perhaps it works better with my body than others, I’m not sure.  I didn’t find that I needed to constantly reapply it when in use.  It’s a medium-thick liquid that is pretty easy to apply.  I didn’t find it to be sticky at all except when I applied some to the back of my hand and rubbed it in.

Overall, I do like the Lelo Personal Moisturizer, though the ingredients are a little worrying.  The lube itself is not outstanding, but it’s not bad either, plus it is body safe for all women.  If you’re looking for a decent lube that comes in very discreet and pretty packaging then the Lelo Personal Moisturizer is for you.  Also, be sure to also follow on Facebook for news and promotions!

*This review was sponsored by, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*




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