Review: Lelo Luna Beads Mini

I’ve always been interested in the Lelo Luna Beads, but  I haven’t had much luck with the double balled kegel balls because they are usually too long.  However, the Lelo Luna Beads Mini came out recently and I was excited that Vibrations Direct was kind enough to over me a set to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Kegel exercisor
  • Manufacturer:  Lelo
  • Includes:  Instruction Manual; Two sets of weighted balls; Silicone holster; Authenticity Card; Storage bag
  • Materials:  ABS Plastic and Silicone
  • Size:  Girdle – 3″ long, 1.125″ wide; o.5″ thick; Pink Balls – 1.125″ in diameter, 28 grams; Blue Balls – 1.125″ in diameter, 37 grams
  • Price:  £32.39 ($51 US)
  • Pros:  Nice packaging; Comfortable to insert and wear; Versitile
  • Cons:  Very loud (even inserted); Can easily use too much lube
  • Volume: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: something/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you don’t want to wear them in public

The package

The package

The package for the Lelo Luna Beads Mini is like every other, but slightly different.  The outer sleeve is white and the front has a small image of the item along with LELO and “LUNA Beads Mini”.  IT also says “Every woman’s fitness essential, The World’s Bestselling Kegel Exercising Aid”.  The sides have a list of the features in six different languages.  The bottom of the box has a short description and lists the contents of the box and the benefits of a regular kegel routine.  The inside box is much like every other Lelo box, but it’s white and the LELO logo is printed in silver.  Aside from that it’s very discreet.  You can easily use the box for storage, but you also get a small satin storage bag.  Aside from all of that, you also get a plastic product registration card, manual, and a sample of Lelo’s personal moisture.

 The Lelo Luna Beads Mini are shaped and colored just like the original.  There are three main parts to the set, the girdle, and two set of beads.  The girdle is about 3″ long and is made from a white silicone.  The original Lelo Luna Beads are about 3.5″ long.  The beads are about 1.125″ in diameter, and the girdle adds only a tiny bit of girth to it.  There are two balls made of ABS plastic in both the pink and blue sets.  The sizes of the balls are the same, so other than the color, the only difference is the weight.  The added weight is due to a larger ball on the inside of the outer plastic ball.  One ball of each set has a nylon retraction string that is about 2.25″ long.  The girdle has has a small hole in one end that the string can pass through when you put the balls into it.  The balls also have a slight indentation on them that shows you where the girdle fits around them.  Since you have two sets of balls, you can mix and match to obtain different weights.  You could also use a single ball (one with the string would be easier) without the girdle.

The blue set in the girdle and the pink set

The blue set in the girdle and the pink set

I was very interested in the Mini Luna Beads because generally when there are double balls, they end up being too long to be comfortable.  The mini version is much shorter than other versions I have tried.  I would recommend only a small amount of water-based lube to insert them (avoid silicone if you are using the girdle).  If you use too much lube, they get too slippery and can be difficult to insert.  Once inserted, I didn’t have any issue with them trying to poke back out or being uncomfortable like other balls I have used.  However, there was one thing about them that made it seemed like a bit of a flaw, depending on how you want to use them.  If you recall my Tales from the Toybox post they make quite a racket in the box.  I assumed that once inserted that you would not be able to hear it.  The first time I inserted them, I went to take a shower and I kept hearing something.  Finally I wiggled my hips and figured out that it was the balls rattling around inside me.  This was over top of the shower on high and music playing.  I even tried it with a friend, inserted them, and just walking he said he could hear them.  I’m sure if you were in a louder place (bar, club, etc.) that you may not hear them, but for normal activity you can.  For me, this really seems to defeat the purpose because I would want to wear them out to get the full effect of them from walking around a lot.

Overall, I like the Lelo Luna Beads Mini but I am quite disappointed that I cannot wear them in public.  I do like that they are smaller and versatile and comfortable to use.  The inner balls rattle a lot when you move and they are much noisier than I expected they would be.  If you’d like balls with little more girth and a bit longer, then I would go with the Lelo Luna Beads, but I would guess that they are just as loud as these.

*This review was sponsored by Vibrations Direct, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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