Review: Lelo Lyla

The new Lelo SenseMotion toys are one of the hot items on the sex toy market right now.  FunWares offered all three of them for me to do a detailed comparison video review.  Before I do the comparasion, I’m going to give you the nity gritty of each toy.  First up is the Lelo Lyla.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  Lelo
  • Includes:  Lyla, remote, batteries for remote, charger, storage bag, and Insiginia broach
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  Lyla – 3.25″ long, 1.25″ wide, 3.75″ retrieval cord; Remote – 2.5″ in diameter, 0.75″ thick
  • Price:  $109.95
  • Pros:  Nice packaging; Comes with a storage bag; Splash-proof toy and controller;  Made from very soft silicone; Rechargeable toy and remote comes with batteries; Nice vibrations and very quiet (the toy itself); Easy and fun to use
  • Cons: Can loose the connection easily, especially through flesh; Controller vibrations and is loud
  • Intensity: Lyla – 3/5; Remote – 3/5
  • Volume: Lyla – 2/5; Remote – 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 3.75/5
  • Recommended: Yes

lelo lyla

The Lyla in it's package

The package for the Lyla is similar to all other Lelo packaging.  It comes in a thick, study, black box that comes in a sleek black sleeve with an image of the Lyla on it.  Inside the box everything is displayed very nicely.  The remote, Lyla, and broach are displayed in a velvety foam insert.  Under the flap on the side you’ll find the charger, instruction booklet, and “key”.  The package is nice and fairly discreet, especially if you remove the sleeve.  You could easily store your toy long term in this package, but there is also a black satin storage bag provided.  Another option would be to pull the insert out in the box so you can store multiple things in them.

The Lyla itself is a good sized bullet style vibrator.  It has two main parts, the body and the end cap.  The body is made from Lelo’s usually super soft silicone.  I really love the feel of their silicone because it’s very soft and velvety feeling.  There is very little drag to it and it does not collect lint.  I would still suggest a dab of water-based lube just to make it that much more smoother. The end cap is made from plastic and has a3.75″ retrieval cord attached to it.  From tip to tip (not including the cord) it’s around 3.25″ long.  At the widest point it’s around 1.25″ wide.  The shape is kind of unique.  The top is very oval shaped while the bottom has a more bulbous shape.  I do enjoy the shape and it fits well in panties against my clit.  It’s also intended to be inserted, but I am not a big fan of internal vibrations so I did not really like it for this.  As far as cleaning, it’s fairly easy.  You can use soap and water, toy cleaner or wipes, or bleach it.  There is a bit of a seam between the body and the end cap but I have not had any trouble with any lube or anything getting in there.  If you want to clean it you can just remove the cap and wipe around where the cap goes on.  I would still not recommend completely submerging it in the tub or pool though, but I’m cautious.

lelo lyla

The Lyla and Remote

Like all Lelo toys, the Lyla is rechargeable.  The charging port is accessed by removing the end cap.  The end cap also doesn’t actually need to be on for the toy to work.  To turn the toy on, it’s a little more complicated than some toys, but it’s still not very difficult.  On the bullet there is a small raised symbol just above the end cap that is actually a button.  The symbol is actually the “wireless” symbol used on many electronic products.  If you press this button a light just above it will light up and start flashing.  To get it vibrating, you need to press the (+) button on the remote.  As long as the two are in range, the bullet will start vibrating.  To turn the toy completely off you need to press and hold the button on the bullet and the (-) on the remote for a few seconds and turn them both off individually.   As far as the vibrations, I found them to be comparable to those of the popular Lelo Siri.  The vibrations are fairly rumbly, but on the very highest it is a big buzzier than the Siri.  I don’t think it’s as strong as the JeJoue Mimi and definitely not the Hitachi, but I do think it should be strong enough for most.

The controller is perfectly round and 2.5″ in diameter and about 0.75″ thick.  The top portion is made from the same velvety silicone as the bullet and the back panel is made from plastic.  I found the controller very easy to hold and use.  It also seems to seal fairly well between the back panel and the front so it is most likely splashproof, but I would not recommend submerging it.  The controls on the remote are the same as other Insignia toys.  There are three buttons, a (+), a mode button, and a (-).  The (+) will turn the remote on, which lights up a small light in the middle of the controller and the (-) button will turn it off.  The mode button cycles through the various modes.  The first mode is the SenseMotion tilt mode.  Out of the two modes that use the SenseMotion technology, I found this one the easiest to control.  You simply tilt the remote to increase the level of vibration; when the remote is horizontal it will be low vibration and vertical will be the highest.  It’s very easy and adjusts fairly quickly, though there is a slight delay.  It’s very easy to tilt and play with it and get various patterns.  I think this mode would be most useful in teasing and playing with a partner.  The second mode is the SenseMotion shake mode.  To increase the vibrations in this mode you need to shake the controller in any direction.  In this mode if the controller is still, there is no vibration in the bullet.  Also, the vibrations don’t instantly stop as soon as you stop shaking, they wind down slowly.  The remaining modes are just like the modes in other Lelo toys, including steady vibration and other pulsing and escalating programs.  In any of these modes you can use the (+) and (-) buttons to increase or decrease the speed.

lelo lyla

The Lyla and remote opened up along with the "key"

One thing that I wasn’t a big fan of with the toy is that the controller also vibrations.  I think it is nice if you have a partner using the bullet on you and wants to see how intense the vibrations are, but the vibrations from the controller are much louder than the bullet.  This really limits it’s use in public as a discreet toy.  The bullet would be quiet enough for if the remote were quiet as well.  A slight plus size to this is that you can use the remote to stimulate other areas.  The vibrations are much buzzier than the bullet, but I do enjoy it on my nipples. The remote also takes two AAA batteries.  However, two are provided when you purchase the toy.  The remote and bullet are fairly similar in size, so I don’t understand why the remote couldn’t have used the same rechargeable battery as the bullet.  It also comes with a “key” to remove the back panel, but it really isn’t necessary.  I’ve found you can easily press your palm into the back panel and twist and it will open and close.  So if you end up loosing the key, I would not worry so much.  Another issue I’ve had is that you can loose the wireless connection.  It really does not seem to have a very large range and can disconnect after a few feet.  It also has trouble if you’re trying to pass the signal through flesh.  I have very fleshy thighs so if I position it completely between my legs I do tend to loose signal.  However, if I have the end cap side poking out a bit I have not had any problems.  The same connection loss also happens when inserted, but since I do not like internal vibrations, I have not found this to be a big problem.  I think thinner people will probably have better luck with maintaining a connection.

Overall, I do enjoy the Lelo Lyla.  The  vibrations are nice and I love the shape and feel of the silicone.  The connection issue can be a bit of a pain, but I think the SenseMotion technology makes up for it.  I have so much fun playing around with this and many of my other friends I’ve shown this to think it’s pretty cool, but my friends are pretty geeky.  This definitely calls to my geeky side.  I’ve read several reviews for the three new SenseMotion toys and no one seems to really like them.  I think there is too much focus on the flaws.  I won’t deny that there aren’t some flaws because the wireless connection could be greatly improved, but I do still think it’s a very neat toy.  I’ve also read many people say that the controls are “stupid” or “confusing”, but I really don’t see how.  The controls for the non-SenseMotion modes are the same as other Lelo toys and the other too modes just require you to tilt or shake the controller, which I don’t think is very difficult.  I also think I may try to take apart one of my controllers and remove it’s vibration unit, but we’ll see about that.  But anyways, be sure to check out the Lelo Lyla in black, deep rose, and cerise over at FunWares.

funwares banner

*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

4 comments to Review: Lelo Lyla

  • SJ

    FYI – You can turn off the vibrations on the remote by pressing and holding the middle button for two seconds – that should solve any discretion issues. So no screwdrivers required!

    • lucid

      Damn it! But I wanted to take it apart *whines* heh. Actually, I did not know that, so thanks for letting me know! I’m sure it probably says it in the manual, so that’s what I get for not reading it all the way through… When playing around with it it seems to only turn the vibrations off in the non-sense motion modes (so standard vibration and the pattern modes). Kinda strange that it’s not a default off for all modes.

      • Rambo

        Yeah, the ability to temporarily disable the remote vibration is not worth a darn. It comes LOUDLY back to life whenever you cycle back to the first two modes, or turn it off an on. It’s a product killer (and this is on the 2.0 “design edition”, too). Renders it completely useless in public, and annoyingly buzzy at home.
        So my question is, did you (or anyone else) try and have success in permanently disabling the remote vibration?

  • I love this product. The only problem is the distance between remote and egg.

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