Review: LELO Ora

Recently Lelo released one of their new products, the Ora.  They have been creating a lot of new versions of their original products lately, but I was excited, yet nervous, to try out the Ora.  I had experienced the Sasi that came out before I started reviewing, and wasn’t impressed.  I had also tried the Squeel and didn’t enjoy it either, so I was hoping the Ora would offer me a little more.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie; Oral sex simulator
  • Manufacturer:  Lelo
  • Includes:  Toy, charging cable, and storage bag
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  3″ diameter, 1.75″ wide to 1″ wide
  • Price:  $169
  • Pros:  Two modes of vibration; Multiple patterns;  Smooth silicone; Waterproof; Deeper vibration; Noticeable (but subtle) stimulation from the rotating ball
  • Cons:  On the loud side; A seam to pay attention to when cleaning;  could be bigger; Ball only has one speed; Can get very slippery with lube
  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Volume: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

lelo ora package

The package

LELO is another manufacture that I just don’t have a lot to say about the packaging anymore.  I like it, but they’re all the same.  The Ora comes in a small box.  The other sleeve has a partial image of the toy on the front with the LELO INSIGNIA logo.  The top and bottom sides list the various features of the toy. The back has a full image of the toy and has the name of the toy along with the contents of the box.  The inside box is the standard black LELO box.  If you toss the sleeve, the inside box if rather discreet; it is a solid black box with LELO on the top.  Inside the box, there is an insert that the toy sits in and a small flap that stores the manual and the charger.  Unlike some boxes, the insert is glued in tight.  I much prefer the LELO boxes where you can pull out the insides and use them for storage.  They do provide a decent satin storage bag, so you don’t need the box to store the toy.  However, you can probably rip out the insides and re-purpose the box if you want.

lelo ora

The Ora

The Ora itself is a bit odd looking to me.  The best way to describe it is a circle with the bottom cut off.  There are three important areas of the toy, though they are all connected since it is circular.  The flat bottom is the stimulation surface and the rounded front is where the buttons are located.  The back side of the toy has a small loop, which is made from gold colored plastic like the other Insignia toys.   It measures about 3″ in diameter and is about 1 and 3/4″ wide at the bottom and  about 1″ around the narrowest portion of the handle.  The outside of the circle (or cylinder I suppose is more correct) is typical Lelo silicone.  It’s super soft and smooth.  The inside is gold plastic and it has LELO on both sides.  Cleaning the Ora is pretty simple.  You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner or bleach it.  The only thing to pay attention to is the seam between the silicone and plastic, where gunk can accumulate.  The other thing I worry about is the charging port.  There is no cover on the port but it is labeled as 100% waterproof.  I tend to try to avoid submerging it to clean it just because of that.

How this little dude works is similar to the Sasi.  The flat bottom is an oval shaped dent with the silicone membrane stretched across it.  Inside the dent there is a small (under a half inch) bead that sits on a track.  The bead can move in either direction and has a circular motion.  In combination with the rotating bead, the toy also vibrates.  To top it all off, there are two “modes” for vibration, which I’ll call regular and super.  All these are combined into various ways patterns.  Not all patterns have vibrations, but those that do can be on regular or super.  Here’s a short description of the patterns:

  • Steady vibration with steady clockwise rotation
  • No vibration with steady clockwise rotation
  • No vibration with alternating motion around about 3/4th of the circle which slowly makes it’s way around the circle
  • Pulsing vibration with alternating motion around about 3/4th of the circle which slowly makes it’s way around the circle
  • Quick pulsating  vibration with steady clockwise rotation
  • Pulsating and escalating vibration with half circle rotation
  • Pulsating and escalating vibration with steady clockwise rotation
  • Random vibration (the song) with half circle rotation
  • Random vibration (the song) with steady clockwise rotation
  • Very slow pulsation vibration with steady clockwise rotation
lelo ora controls

The controls (plus look at how reflective it is)

These settings seem confusing, but it’s actually not too bad.  There are only three buttons on the toy, a (+) a (-) and just ( ), which just looks like an eye to me.  The eye button is the mode button.  Pressing this button cycles through the various pre-set patterns on the toy.  The plus and minus buttons are pretty self explanatory.  Pressing the plus button turns the toy on and increases the vibration speed.  The minus button turns the vibration speed down or turns the toy off.  Unfortunately though you cannot change the speed of the rotating bead.  I did mention the regular and super speeds for vibration.  The vibration level for the regular is maybe a low 3 on a scale of one to 5. They are typical for Lelo, on the deeper side, but not too rumbly.  The super vibrations start around a low 2 and go up to a high 4 and are much more rumbly.

Now I mentioned that there is this secrete super set of vibrations but how do you get to it?  Lelo calls it the INTENSE setting (for 30% more power instantly!) and to activate it you push and hold the mode button for a few seconds.  The interesting part here is that the Ora remembers which setting you were in last time.  It also doesn’t seem to start on the lowest speed either, in either setting, which is odd to me.  I still haven’t figured out why they programed it that way.  It is something to keep in mind though, especially if you like to start off with a lower vibration.  I much more prefer the vibrations on the INTENSE setting than on regular.  They are much stronger and deeper.

Lelo ora ball

Showing the bottom and the protruding ball

There’s a lot of technical stuff for this toy, but what is it like in use?  The major problem I had with the Sasi is I had to hold my outer labia apart for the bead to reach and I’m also a lazy masturbator.  The Ora gets around that since the rotating ball is more inset.  This allows the width of Ora to push my labia apart so I don’t have to worry about it.  The flat surface is more toward the side with the buttons, when I hold it I tend to have my thumb over the buttons, to adjust as needed, and my fingers through the handle.  The one gripe I have with the handle is that it is small.  I can barely fit two fingers into it so it would work better for me if it were bigger, but I also have larger hands.  When getting the toy and inspecting it, I wasn’t sure that that ball would give much stimulation, since it is a little inset.  It does take some positioning, but I can feel it.

That being said I do think that it falls a little flat when called an “oral sex” simulator because the speed of the ball isn’t variable.  The motion for me is a bit subtle, but I still enjoy it, but only when combined with the vibration.  Alone, the rotation just doesn’t do it for me.  With the vibration, it gives me that little extra oomph to take me over the edge.  I also found it’s easy to get lube ALL over this little toy.  When you get lube on the slick plastic it is very slippery.  There have been times I have to wipe it off so that I can hold on to it.  The rotating portion also makes it much louder than a typical Lelo vibe.  It could possibly be heard through a wall or thick door in a very quiet house.  I find that the sound of the rotation is a little distracting as well.  In addition to that, I find that you cannot exert a lot of pressure on the ball before it slows down or gets stuck. If you push too hard there is a little pop, like it gets hung up on something and springs free.

Overall, I do find that the Ora is unique and enjoyable.  I do not find that it stands as an oral sex simulator with only one speed of the ball.  It’s a different toy that I like to use on occasion, but does take a little bit more work to get it positioned where you want it.  It’s also on the expensive side, so I would only recommend it if the vibration with a subtle moving sensation is what you are looking for.  If you need more pressure, this is likely not the toy for you.  If, however, you like something unique and have a passion for Lelo’s silky smooth silicone, this could be a great addition.

*Packaging pictures taken and saved*

*This review was sponsored by Lelo, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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