Review: Liberator BonBon

I’ve reviewed several pieces of Liberator shapes and all that I have really enjoyed so I was excited when they told me they were sending me the BonBon to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Position aid, toy enhancer
  • Manufacturer:  Liberator
  • Materials:  Velvish cover,polyester lining, polyurethane foam core
  • Size:  15″ long, 12.5″ wide, 8.75″ high

  • Price:  $65.00
  • Pros:  Nice material;  Doesn’t slip; Can hold dildos with a base or not;  Can be used alone or with a partner
  • Cons:  Not the most discreet shape;  Could be too tall or short for some;  May conceal controls for vibrators
  • Overall Rating: 3.75/5
  • Recommended: Yes/No

liberator bonbon

The BonBon as it comes

Like the other products I have recieved, it came in a plan brown box that’s very discreet.  The only issue you may have is that it will come in a fairly large box.  It is one solid piece, so you may want to make arrangements to nab it before anyone sees and asks questions if you’re worried about that.  Once you open it, the BonBon is sealed in plastic and has a small cardboard label slipped around its middle.  It does show the woman that is also on the product page on the front and back of the slip, but it’s not overly erotic.  I just tossed the slip as it doesn’t provide any type of storage or protection.

liberator bonbon

The foam insides

The BonBon itself is a semi-circular kind of shape.  The base measures about 15″ long and 12.5″ wide and it stands 8.75″ high.  I was hoping that this would be short enough, or that my bed would be high enough, for this to slide under it.  Unforntually, my bed is just over 7″ off the floor so this will not fit under my bed.  This disappointed me a bit as it is one of the less discreet looking shapes that they sell.  I have two wedges, both of which I frequently leave sitting out because they just look like a prop or position pillow for sleeping or reading in bed.  I also have the flip-ramp which I have folded and sitting beside my dresser and it just looks like an extra footstool or seat.  However, the BonBon is a differnt and slightly odd shape and does have the slit in the top to insert a toy.  To me the slit kinda looks like a vagina, but maybe its just me.  If it weren’t for the slit, I probably would leave it setting out, but it does look a little odd and I feel that it would draw questions.

The material also has a slightly different feel than the two wedges that I’ve reviewed.  The sides are black while the top and bottom are the color of your choosing.  Obviously, I had to request purple.  Liberator calls it micro-suede and it does have a soft leathery feel to it.  Don’t worry, it’s not made from leather, but it does have that feel compared to the soft fluffy feel of the wedges.  Like all their products though the cover does zip off to reveal a water-resistant liner.  That one then zips off to show the foam body.  I expected it to be on solid body but it is actually a solid foam body with another piece wrapped around the top  that’s covered in a slick plastic.  There is a 3″ wide by 0.5″ high notch cut out of the body which creates a gap between the second piece and the body.  There is also a hole and a slit in this second piece.  This allows you to use dildos with a base by inserting the base into this area.  There is also a 1.5″ slit that runs the length about 4″ down from the top of the toy with a vertical slit running to it.  This allows you to insert toys without a base.  I do want to point out that getting the covers back on once will take a bit of wrestling, though it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

liberator bonbon

With a dildo inserted

As far as use, I think this could be used for both anal and vaginal toys.  Though for anal toys I do suggest one with a base that fits well into the upper slot.  The foam does hold toys very firmly so you may be safe to use dildos without a base as long as you insert them deep enough and are careful.  At first I thought that it would be too tall for me to straddle and it is with some toys.  If I use a dildo with a base it has to be very short to work well.  I’m only 5’4″ and when I straddle it I am only an inch or so from the surface without letting myself slide down more.  Because of this very long toys (well long for me, anything over 6.5″) with a base won’t work.  However, if it’s longer and doesn’t have a base you can push it down into the foam up to 4″.  Most of my dildos have a base though.  If you want to use a vibrator with it though, you may not be able to adjust the speed if the control is on the portion you insert.  I also tried it with a metal dildo and it didn’t work very well for me.  The metal wasn’t flexible to allow for my short straddle distance and it ended up being uncomfortable if I were trying to ride it while straddling it between my knees.  However, this would work better if you can stand over it or sit back onto it.  A chair or couch or even a low bed will work well.  I used my Flip Ramp and that worked pretty well.  Others my height and shorter though may find that this is too tall and those much taller may find that it is not tall enough.  I think it would be a good idea to sell these in three sizes for short, average, and tall users.

Aside from that, I feel like it’d be great to use with a partner.  You could use it to play around with double penetration and other positions or even receive oral sex while riding a toy.  I think it would also work well as a position pillow for doggie style.  For me it’s a nice height to lean over either length or width ways.  Once I find someone to test it with that way, I’ll let you guys know how it worked out.  The important thing is that it leaves your hands free to do whatever you like to yourself or partner(s).  The material also doesn’t slide on most surfaces (except tile and such).

Overall, I do like the Liberator BonBon.  It’s not something I use very often and I’m not searching for the perfect toy to use with it.  Some people may find it to be too tall or short, but I think for most users it will work well.  It’s great to add an extra level to your masturbation or partner play.

*This review was sponsored by Liberator, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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