Review: Liberator Heart Wedge

Be jealous because today I’m reviewing the Décor Heart Wedge from Liberator!  I’m so thrilled to finally get my hands on one of the Liberator shapes.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Position Aid
  • Manufacturer: Liberator
  • Materials: Velvish cover, polyester lining, polyurethane foam core
  • Size: 13″ long, 19″ wide, 7″ tall  tapering to 2 inch wide and tall
  • Price: $59.00
  • Pros: Discreet shipping; Extremely cute; Many colors to match your bedroom; Soft outer cover and water-resistant inner lining; Many uses; Supportive foam
  • Cons: Can be a little wobbly
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

liberator heart wedge

The Wedge

You guys know I like to talk about packaging first.  There really isn’t any special packaging for the Heart Wedge.  It came sealed up in plastic in its shipping box.  I will tell you that Liberator does ship discreetly.  There was nothing on my box that would give away what was inside.  However, it does come in a rather large box.  I get a lot of packages and I try to intercept as many as I can before my roommates bring them in, just so questions aren’t asked and I did manage to intercept this one.

The wedge itself is so cute.  As part of Liberator’s Décor line it comes in many colors.  I think the heart looks best in red, it’s just traditional.  I received grey, but it comes in five other colors so you’re bound to find one that matches your bedroom.   I think it’s great that they offer colors to match your bedroom decor because it allows you to have a sneaky little secret acting like a throw pillow on your bed and no one will know any better.



liberator heart wedge

Cover, lining, and foam

What I was most impressed with about the Heart Wedge was the foam it’s made out of.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, would it really be able to support me?  Yes, it can!  If I sit with my full weight on it, it hardly compresses, so when you are using it to only elevate part of you, it is very supportive.  The cover of the Heart Wedge is removable so that it can be washed and under that is a water-resistant lining, so don’t worry about ruining it if you’re a squirter.  That cover can also be removed and cleaned if you need to.  It can be a bit of a wrestling match to get the covers back on though.  The outer cover is a very soft velvety material which feels wonderful against bare skin.


The Heart Wedge is approximate the same size as the Décor Wedge and the regular small size Wedge.   The only difference is the shape.  I am a rather large person and my with a 40″ waist and about 50″ hips and I didn’t see that this was too small for me.  The only issue I have have had is with the narrowing width.  I’ve found that when you’re using it, especially on a squishy bed, the narrowed tip can cause you to tilt and roll off if you’re not paying attention or get a little carried away.  This wasn’t a huge issue though, just the occasional annoyance.


liberator heart wedge

Logo and zipper

When I first received the Heart Wedge, my boyfriend had just broken up with me and I thought “How am I supposed to test this without a partner?”  Well, then I caught the plague.  After a few days I was finally sitting up some and I looked at my wedge and got an idea  I decided I could use it to prop myself up with, since I didn’t have the strength to sit up fully on my own.  It worked wonderfully.  When I finally recovered I found I could use it under my hips while I’m laying on my bed doing homework.  When I lay on my stomach for a long time, my lower back and hips get tired and stiff.  The height of the Heart Wedge is perfect to elevate my hips and stretch out my back.  Recently I’ve found that I can do the same thing to stretch out to receive a lovely massage.


Isn’t this a “sex shape”?  When are you going to have sex with it? Gosh!  Well, I did get to test out its use as a position aid and it did not disappoint.  It’s great to put under your butt to lift it up during missionary or to receive oral sex.  While for doggy, I would prefer something taller like the Ramp, this is still useful.  The shape of the middle is also useful as it allows a little extra room to slip a toy or hand in for some added stimulation.

Overall, I <3 my Heart Wedge, get it? Ha!  I think it’s a super cute and great addition to anyone’s bedroom.  If you need to be sneaky you can even get it to match your bedroom decor.  You don’t even have to use it for just sex!  I’ve found many other uses for it and I’m sure others will find things I haven’t even thought about.  The Heart Wedge really is a great product and I use it very frequently, alone and with a partner.  Oh, and stay tuned, I’ll be uploading a sexy photoset showing you how you can use the Heart Wedge!

*This review was sponsored by Liberator, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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