Review: Lights Out Massage Lotion

You guys know I’m a major sucker for things that glow in the dark.  My last experience with the glow in the dark lube was disappointing, but I love the Lights Out Massage Lotion I got to review from FunWares.

The Run Down:


glow in the dark lotion

The bottle

The Lights Out Lotion comes in a small plastic bottle with a flip top.  It’s very easy to open and squeeze.  The lotion is a bit runnier than the Curel I use every day, but it is not watery.  It also rubs nicely over the skin, but since it is a lotion it doesn’t last nearly as long as a massage oil would.  The one thing I did notice is when you first rub it in, it’s slightly tacky, but that doesn’t last long.  It does leave your skin feeling very smooth and moisturized.

The scent I got is listed as vanilla raspberry, but it just smells like a sweet berry fruit to me, no hints of vanilla.  When I smell the lotion in the bottle it smells like cough syrup.  I was disappointed at first, but then after I played with it some and rubbed some on my hands, it smelled much better.  I really like the fruity smell after it’s been applied.  It’s also sold in a jasmine and melon scent.


glow int he dark massage lotion

Lotion glowing in the bottle

Remember the experience I had with the Glo-Glo lube and just the tube glowing?  Well I’m super duper excited to tell you it’s not just the bottle!  I’m sure you guys have seen clearish glow int he dark stars for kids to put on their ceiling.  The lotion looks just like that.  It’s a clearish white and you can see particles suspended in it.  I suppose the particles are what causes the glowing effect.  The bottles say to expose the bottle to a strong light source and then turn off the lights.  I found it best to occasionally shake up the lotion while you’re shining a light on it to really get all of it glowing.  The glowing does get harder to see once you start spreading it around, but if you have a good light source you can charge it up again and kill the lights.  Things that glow in the dark are very hard to get a good picture of, but you can see faintly my hands glowing after I rubbed lotion into them.  I assume that a black light will make it light up as well, but apparently black light bulbs are near impossible to find these days.


glow in the dark lotion

My glowing hands

Now, as excited as I was about this lotion, I still was wondering how safe can glow in th dark chemicals be for your skin.  The back of the bottle says that it meets FDA guidelines but also to use only as directed and excessive or prolonged exposure may cause skin irritation.  That being said, I would not recommend using this as a daily lotion.  I’d tuck it away for a fun glowing massage every now and then.  I did some digging around on the ingredients and I believe zinc sulfide is what causes the glowing reaction.  That doesn’t really seem to cause any problems.  It does have a paraben in it though and Treithanolamine which I found can cause allergic reactions in people like parabens.   Other than that, everything else seemed to check out okay.  If you do have a history of sensitive skin, then this may not be the best product for you.

Overall, I love the Lights Out Massage Lotion.  It smells good and it’s just play fun.  Who doesn’t like glow in the dark stuff especially when it can make you glow in the dark.   I know I had way too much fun with this making my boobs glow in the dark.


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*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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