Review: Liquid Silk

Since I started reviewing, I have heard many people talk about Liquid Silk and how amazing it is.  I’ve heard very few negative things.  The Adult Toy Shoppe was kind enough to send me a bottle to review.

The Run Down:

liquid silk

The bottle

Liquid Silk comes in a clear bottle with  black text and a pump top.  On the front of the bottle it says “Liquid Silk” in very large print and in smaller print “Luxury Non-Tacky Water Based Sensual Lubricant” and “BodyWise the Subtle Art of Making People Fit Together and Reducing Friction in Relationship”.  It also has a little logo that’s a circle with the outlines of multiple people.  The back/side of the bottle lists the ingredients as well as the manufacturing information.

The lube itself is an opaque white and a medium thickness.  It’s not a gel, but it isn’t super runny either.  If you have a small amount, it won’t run, but the more you get the more it will run.  I do think that it looks and feels a lot like cum.  It doesn’t get sticky or tacky, though it will dry out after a while if you use it for a hand job.  For vaginal use though, a little bit goes a long away and it works really well.  I also don’t feel the need to wash it off, which I like.  If you do want to wash it off, you may need a little bit of soap, since it does have silicone in it.  When used on the back of my hand and just wiped it off it left my skin feeling very soft.

The biggest problem though is that it has a lot of chemicals in it and does have several types of parabens in it.  If you have an issue with parabens, you will definitely want to stay away from this.  It does not have any glycerin in it though.  It also is a hybrid lube so it is a mix between water and silicone.  I have not had any trouble, but you may want to avoid using it with silicone toys of a quality you don’t trust.

Overall, Liquid Silk is a pretty nice lube.  It last a bit longer than water based lube and a little bit goes a long way, though I would not recommend it for a hand job.  The biggest issue is that it has many types of parabens in it, so if you are sensitive, you will want to stay away from it.  Also if you want an all natural lube, this is not the lube for you  I have not had any trouble using this with silicone toys, but the toys I have used it on are a high quality silicone from brands I trust.  Be sure to check out all the lubes that The Adult Toy Shoppe carries here:

*This review was sponsored by, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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