Review: 10 Function Little Black Panty

This month I received a sexy little set for my Sexpert review.  California Exotic Novelties sent me one of their new 10 Function Little Black Panty.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Includes:  Panty, Bullet, and Remote
  • Materials:  Panty – Nylon and Spandex; Bullet – ABS Plastic
  • Size:  Panty – up to a 60-65″ hip; Bullet – 2.5″ long, 1.5″ wide, 1″ thick; Remote – 3″ long; 1″ wide, 0.5-1″ thick
  • Price:  $64.00
  • Pros:  Wireless;  Comes with the battery for the remote;  The panties are highly adjustable and comfortable; Remote is nice; Has multiple functions
  • Cons:  Vibrations are not very strong;  Bullet is too loud unless in a loud area; Very expensive; Not waterproof
  • Intensity: 2.5/5
  • Volume: 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: No

10 function little black panty

The package

The packaging for the Little Black Panty is fairly typical of CEN.  It’s a pretty flimsy cardboard box and isn’t overly discreet.  It does show a woman wearing the panties and holding the remote on all sides of the box.  The front also says “The Perfect Accessory for your Little Black Dress” which I though watch catchy.  The back lists some of the features and shows the toy.  It makes a note to point out that the bullet has a new curved design to fit the body and that the panties are stretch-to-fit lace with satin ties to fit most sizes.

The bullet is, like the package says, curved.  I do like the over all shape of the bullet and it seems like it would fit against the body and be concealed more easily.  It’s around 2.5″ in length, 1.5″ wide, and around 1″ thick.  It’s fairly flat on the top and bottom, but does have a slight bean shape.  It’s made from hard, slick plastic which you can use water or silicone lubes with.  However, it’s not waterproof.  I would also try to avoid getting it too wet in general since most of the bottom slides off to get to the batteries.

10 function little black panty

The back view of the panties

This set does come with a pair of “little black panties”  They’re a string bikini style and the sides are long satin ties.  These ties are fairly long, around 20″ each’ and on my 50″ hips I still had plenty left to easily tie them and leave a nice bow.  The rest of the panty is a super stretchy lace made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex.  It has a floral/rose pattern on it and the crotch has a solid cloth panel over the lace.  You can use this panel to conceal the bullet or just use the panty to hold it to you if the panel isn’t where you want it..  I think these would comfortably fit anyone up to about a 60-65″ hip.  They did surprise me at how comfortable they were and how well they did actually fit.  Since the lace stretches, if you can tie the ties right it will fit fairly nicely.

10 function little black panty

The bullet and remote

The remote is made from the same plastic and is shaped just like a mini Wii nunchuck but instead of a toggle knob it just has a button.  It’s very easy to hold, but it feels very light weight, cheap, and a bit delicate, so I’d be careful not to stick it in your pocket and sit on it.  There is a small ring around the button that lights up when you press it, but it doesn’t stay on.  The remote takes what I believe is an N sized battery.  The bullet on the other hand takes two AAA’s which are not included.  To turn the bullet on you just push the button on the remote.  It seems to come on the last pattern it was on when you turned it off, so keep that in mind.  To turn it off, you can push and hold the button for a few seconds.  It has 10 functions total, with 3 being constant vibration.  None of the settings are very powerful and they are fairly buzzy.  I also found it to be much louder that what I’m comfortable with, especially if you wanted to use it in a quiet public area.  I think it would be fine if you were in a loud setting, like a concert or club, but a quiet restraunt would definitely not be discreet.

Overall, I do like the panty that comes with the 10 Function Little Black Panty.  I was expecting it to not fit me and not be at all flattering, but it was.  However, the bullet is not very powerful and is fairly loud.  I know I would not be able to use these anywhere that was extremely loud for fear of someone hearing the bullet.  I also feel that for the extremely high price, this is not worth it.  You can find a fitting, sexy pair of black lace undies for much less than $65.  If you really are interest in a wireless remote bullet, there are a few quiet ones on the market which I think would be  a much better buy than this panty and bullet set.

banner for the califnora exotic novelties sexpert program

*This review was sponsored by California Exotic Novelties, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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