Review: LUV Body Wand

A few weeks ago, Rocks Off contacted me because they saw I had reviewed the Naughty Boy and the contacted me asking if I wanted to review some of their other products.  One of the products they sent me was the LUV Body Wand.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  Rocks Off
  • Includes:  Plastic case and LUV Body Wand
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  6.5″ total length; 4″ long handle; Head – 3″ long, 2.5″ wide, 1.25″ thick
  • Price:  $59.99
  • Pros:  Neat packaging; Very cute; Fairly strong; Shape works very well for me
  • Cons:  Loud; A bit expensive
  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Volume: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

luv body wand

The package

The LUV Body Wand comes in a hard plastic box that is inside another thin plastic box.  While this seems a little unnecessary, the outside box has all the product information on it.  The front says “Luv your body” while one side shows how to insert the batteries and the controls and the back and other side list some of the features.  The back has the features in English while the side lists them in three other languages.  The inside case has “LUV” in raised letters on it, but instead of a U it’s a heart, which is kind of cute.  There is no other writing on this case and it is completely clear.  You can clearly see the toy through both sets of packaging, so it’s not the most discreet.  However, I like the plastic case.  It keeps the wand set on a little stand inside and keeps it’s protected and clean.  It is a little bulky, but I think it’s a neat idea.  You can always toss it and store it in a bag if you don’t have a lot of room.

 The wand itself is about 6.5″ in total length and has two main components, the handle and the head.  The handle is around 4″ long and around 1.5″ in diameter and made from a sleek plastic.  The handle has more of an oval shape to it and it fits very comfortably in my hand.  The head of the vibrator is very interesting.  It’s about 3″ long, 2.5″ wide and around 1.5″ at the thickest.  It flares out from the handle to the width of 2.5″ and then tapers down to a point.  Most of the head is covered in silicone and it forms the shape of a heart.  I think it’s very cute, especially since the logo is “luv your body”.  The silicone has a bit of drag to it, but it doesn’t collect a lot of lint.  I would suggest using a drop of water based lube with it.  It’s also easy to clea, you can use soap and water, toy cleaner or wipes, or even bleach it.

luv body wand

The wand

There is a bit of a curve from the handle to the head and the point of the heart works very well for clitoral stimulation.  The curve also makes it very easy to use, especially if you have difficulty reaching.  My favorite thing to do is to press the flat part against my mons with the point between my labia and resting on my clit.  It gives a deeper feeling than just direct clitoral stimulation.  You could also use this on other parts of the body.  The curve allows you to reach your neck and shoulders fairly easily, but it’s not quite long enough to reach the middle of your back.  The vibrations are more on the deep side, though they get slightly buzzier on high.  I find them to be fairly strong, though it does use 3 AAA’s.  It has a total of 5 speeds and patterns that are accessed by pressing the button labeled 5X.  There are three steady speeds and two pulsing patterns.  There is also a dedicated on/off button, which is nice.  It’s a bit loud, so I think it’s good to be able to switch it off quickly if necessary.  The loudness is the biggest problem I have with the toy, but it can be muffled a bit with a sheet or blanket.  I also like that the control pad lights up.  It doesn’t really have a purpose, but it’s purple and I like it.

The battery compartment is in the end of the handle and it took me a bit to figure out how to open it.  The very tip curves up a bit and if you pull back against that, it will pop the end cap off.  There is also a pink o-ring that sits here to keep it sealed.  It seems tight enough so I would think it is water-proof.  Inside, there is a small case that holds the 4 AAA batteries.  There is a small tab on it to make it easier to pull out.  I really like toys that have this because it makes it super easy to remove the batteries when you are not using them.  There is room in the box to store the pack with batteries in it outside of the toy.  I cannot remember, but I do believe the batteries were included since they are all the same and I’ve never bought this brand.

Overall, I like the LUV Body Wand.  I think it’s cute and it’s strong for it’s size and battery type.  I also think it’s very non-threating, which can be important if you’re introducing a partner to your toys.  I really like that it has a curve too.  Most wands are straight and could be difficult to hold if you have wrists problems.  It is a tad on the expensive side, but I think it would a great addition to your toy box.

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by Rocks Off Limited
Material: Silicone / Plastic

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*This review was sponsored by Rocks Off, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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