Review: Maven

Ahh back again for another review.  Today I’m going to review something I tend to not review often, a realistic dildo, the Maven.  This is produced by Good Vibes as part of their Pleasure Works line.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie
  • Manufacturer:  Pleasure Works
  • Materials:  Silicone
  • Size:  7.75″ in length, 1.625″ diameter
  • Price:  $60.00
  • Pros:  Silicone; Harness compatible; Anal safe; Easy to clean; Nice size; Interesting texturing to the head
  • Cons:  Bit of drag; Too flexible for firm g-spot pleasure; Shaft isn’t textured
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

maven packaging

The packaging

The Maven, which I keep wanting to call Mavrick for some reason, comes in a basic card board box.  The front of the box has a full size image of the toy and has the Pleasure Works logo along with the name and “DILDO”.  So clearly just from the front it’s not the most discreet package in the world.  On one side it lists information about the material the toy is made from along with a list of features.  It does list that the packaging can be recyclable which is pretty nifty.  I usually recycle all my boxes and I even toss in any plastic, just incase.  The other side has a small paragraph about the toy and it’s shape.  It also has some little symbols to show it’s phthalate free, anal safe, and harness compatible.  The back of the box has another image of the toy pointing out some of the features.  Cleaning information is unfortunately not included on the package.  While it’s pretty easy to clean, it would still be nice for it to be mentioned.

Maven head texture

Close up of the texture on the head

The Maven is a pretty standard realistic dildo.  It’s about 7.75″ in total length with 7″ being insert-able.  It’s diameter ranges from just under 1.5″ to just under 1.75″.  It gets wider as you get closer to the base.  The base is about 3″ wide, which makes it safe for any anal play as well as easy to use in a harness.  The shaft of the Maven has a gradual curve, which causes it to point up a bit.  The texturing of the Maven is pretty realistic, though the head is much more realistic.  The head has a sight ridge, like a bio-penis, along with a small slit for the uretal opening.  It also is textured to have the feel of the skin on the head of a penis.  The rest of the shaft is oddly smooth in comparison.  There is some texturing along the length of the shaft to look like veins and the underside comes to a slight ridge where the urethra would pass.  I find the change in texture to look a little odd visually.  The Maven is solid silicone and, while it is firm, it does have a good deal of give and flex to it.  It is not quite as draggy as most Tantus silicone, but ti does tend to collect a bit of lint, especially the super textured head.   The texture and feel of the material mean you might need to pay a little more attention when cleaning.  However, soap and water or toy cleaner will do the trick, just might need a bit more scrubbing.  You can also bleach or boil it to sterilize it between partners.

Maven shape

The overall shape of the Maven

In use, the Maven is a bit more than I can handle.  I apparently have a rather shallow vagina so a lot of the length of this toy goes unused for me.  However, I do enjoy the curve and the diameter of the toy.  It is a little bigger than most dildos I use, but it’s a nice change of pace when I want something that’s a bit bigger.  As far of the texture, I can’t really feel any of the details of the texturing, though I can feel the ridge of the head.  I will point out that if you need a lot of pressure on your g-spot, that this likely isn’t the toy for you.  There is too much flex in the length of the toy to apply a lot of pressure.  As far as anal play goes, I generally do not partake myself, but I would list this as more of an advanced toy due to the length and diameter.  It also works well in harnesses, due to the base.  The majority of my dildos are more on the average length side of the scale, so a longer dildo could come in handy with partners that want the length, or just to make some positions a little bit easier.  I also don’t have very many realistic dildos.  The majority of realistic dildos tend to be made from cyberskin or other not so great materials, so I tend to avoid them.  However, having a silicone option is great for those that want to have a realistic look to their toys.

Overall, I do like the Maven.  It is a versatile dildo that can be used for anal, vaginal, or strap on play.  While I generally do not care if a dildo looks realistic or not, I am happy to see more silicone options coming around for the realistic look.  The Maven is a good addition to my collection of dildos and I enjoy using it due to the shape and size.  It is a little pricey, but it s a good quality silicone toy and would be great for someone looking for a larger realistic dildo for solo-play or strap-on play.

*This review was sponsored by Good Vibrations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*


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