Review: Maximizing G Spot Pleasures

Today I bring you my very first review from Tabu Toys.  I’ve always had my eye on them and recently found a contact and started chatting with them.  For my first review they sent me a DVD to review, Maximizing G Spot Pleasures made by Sinclair Institute.  I’m always looking for more things to learn all I can about my g-spot, so I thought this would be an interesting pick.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Adult Instructional DVD
  • Studio:  Sinclair Institue
  • Length:  45 minutes
  • Extras:  None
  • Price:  $20.00
  • Pros:  Some good tips; Good start to some information; Lists all the toys and products shown in the video; Encourages good communication; Scenes are okay; Many women talk about their own experiences
  • Cons:  Information is incomplete and sometimes incorrect (miss labeled vulva -.-);  Actors aren’t great; Use of toys seems very experimental; Cannot turn the voice over off; Only use a few full scenes
  • Overall Rating: something/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you already have some basic understanding of g-spot stimulation

maximizing g spot pleasures

The DVD case

The DVD comes in a standard DVD case, though it isn’t the most discreet.  The front cover says “Maximizing G Spot Pleasures” fairly large across the top and has an image of a shirtless man and a woman in only a g-string.  You can see her breast (but no nipple, cause that totally makes a difference right?) and the man is leaning in to kiss her cheek.  She’s turned away looking seductively at the camera. I think it would have been better to have her not looking at the camera, it would seem more real, but perhaps that’s just me.  The back shows an image from the DVD and lists a little blurb about the dvd.  The DVD itself just has the title on it, but no images, so if you were worried about someone finding it it may be less obvious to just have the DVD.

When you start the DVD you are given the choice of English or Spanish, which is nice.  The next screen gives you the option of playing the whole video or chapter selection.  There are no extras included and the length of the entire video is 45 minutes and 21 seconds.  It does start with all the usual warning scenes, one being that the video contains explicit sexual behavior (*gasp*) and that it’s important to practice “safer sex” techniques, though I don’t know why the put safer sex in quotations.  After that, there is a short into by Dr. Eli Coleman who is the chair of the Sinclair Advisory Council.  I suppose this is probably a blurb that goes before all of the Sinclair Institute videos.  He thanks you for buying the video, etc.  He talks a while, but you can easily skip it.

During the entire video, after you make it through all the warnings, there are frequent voice overs by Dr. Lori Buckley.  Unfortunately for me, Dr. Buckley’s is one of the voices that I don’t enjoy listening to, just something about it that is unpleasant, however, I don’t think the voice doing the voice over is Dr. Buckley.  I watched the credits to try and find out, but it didn’t say otherwise.  The video also goes back and forth between shots of Dr. Buckley talking, scenes between the couples, and some shots of some of the female actors talking.  Though I did find it odd, there was one female that talked about her experiences that I did not recognize from any of the clips.   At the very start, there is a flash of each couple or person together:  Will & Rebecca,  Jason & Crystal, Leila, Linda & Frank, and Zach & Melissa.  Here is where my first issue with the video comes up.  From that list, we have four couples and one solo lady.  However, on the back cover it states “Three real couples explicity demonstrate G spot arousal techniques”.   So, one of the couples is either not real or not demonstrating proper techniques (the video never mentions otherwise) and who knows where the solo lady comes into play.

maximizing g spot pleasures

Mislabeled vulva

She starts by talking about some history of the g-spot, anatomy, and positions.  The information about the history was kind of interesting, however it’s not something I would watch more than once.  Next she goes into detail about the anatomy and shows an actual vulva and labels it.  My second problem comes up here.  The vulva is mislabeled.  I kid you not, look at the picture.  To me, the labia majora arrow is pointing to the outside edge of the inner lips and the labia minora to the inside of the same structure.  At this point I started to lose hope in the video, but  kept watching.  They also label the urethra and vaginal opening, even though the lips are not spread so you cannot actually see it.

One thing that I did like was that she does a good job explaining what the stimulation may feel like and I do like that they put some opinions of the women in there.  They even have women who have not had great experiences with gs-pot stimulation.  The one thing that does weird me out a bit, is it’s almost like these women were instructed to only use “penis”, “vagina”, etc.  I don’t know why this bothers me, but I feel like they’re not using their own terms to describe things.  She also brings up squirting, and that it’s okay and not pee, but doesn’t go into a lot of detail, other than it can happen.

She also talks a bit about sex toys.  They do talk about using a good lube, but just say that the best lubes are water based and non-irritating and don’t go into detail of what’s non-irritating.  They also show a bunch of toys, the majority of which are jelly and TPR.  They say that most toys are made from silicone, latex, vinyl, and similar polymers and even glass.  She does mention that silicone and glass are the best because they are non-porous and can be sterilized and that latex and vinyl toys should have a condom put on them, and show a couple putting a condom on a toy that I know is high grade silicone (but then not on ones I know to be jelly material).  They also say that it helps for easier clean up.  If you’re using lubricated condoms, this may be true.  Otherwise, the toy is still going to be all lubey and need washed plus if you’re putting it on silicone toys, many condoms use a silicone or hybrid lube that you’ll have to be careful about.  While some of the information is there, it doesn’t seem complete.  It also seems like a lot of the couples have never used these toys before and are not quite sure what to do with them.  It would have been nice to have them use what they were most comfortable with.  One great thing though, is all the toys even just show in the video, they show them and list the names at the end of the video.  If you find something particularly interesting, this allows you to find it to try it out yourself.

maximizing g spot pleasures

A sample scene

When giving details about how to find your g-spot, they do talk about using masturbation to find it first, which is a good suggestions.  For this voice over, they show the solo lady using her fingers.  I feel that the scenes with her are probably the most real and natural.  Not that it seems completely natural, but she knows more about what she likes.  The dynamics between the partners when they play seems shaking and like they generally just have sex and were given instructions to try things that they had no real experience with.  The general techniques they give to find the g-spot are good though and they encourage open communication between partners.  One couple was especially good (the third scene to come up) about communicating.

As far as the actors go in general, they seem like normal people, but the sex still seems kinda scripted in most cases.  They also seem to be generally bad actors.  There is also slight variety in body types, but they all hover around an thin to thin average.  The scenes on a whole are okay.  I’d watch them again, but since you are unable to turn the voice overs off, it’s a little annoying.  It would also be nice if they had included more full scenes.  They show snips of many different scenes, but the full parts are not all included.  I think it would have been great to include all of the scenes as an extra.  The footage itself seems to be shot with an older camera.  The copy write is 2007, but the quality of the film is much older than that.  They also never really talked about safer sex techniques other than using condoms on the toys.  The couples do end up having sex, but none of them use condoms.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Maximizing G Spot Pleasures as a whole.  They have some good tips, the sex scenes are not awful, but some of the information is incomplete or incorrect.  The fact that the vulva was mislabeled really makes me doubt the video as a while.  But some of the information was good.  The sex scenes on a whole were okay too.  While they seemed a little scripted on some occasions, it’s not something that I would never watch again.  I would love to see an updated version with better information about sex toys and include some extras and use couples that are more experienced with g-spot stimulation and use toys they know.  If you’re interest in watching this, I would suggest keeping an open mind and not take any of the information as absolute.  You can check out this DVD at Tabu Toys along with these toys featured in the video:  Rock Chick, Lucid Dreams #14, The Wave, Tantus G-Force, Liberator Ramp, Liberator Throe, G-Spot Link, ID Pleasure Lube.  Don’t forget to check out their outer Luxury Sex Toys as well!

*This review was sponsored by Tabu Toys, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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