Review: Moist Anal Lube

I had been playing around with anal on male partner of mine recently, so I requested the Moist Anal Lube from FunWares to try out and review.  Unfortunately before I got it we stopped seeing each other, so I’ll do my best to review it as a regular lube.

The Run Down:

moist anal lube from funwares

The bottle

The Moist Anal lube comes in a clear plastic pump bottle.  It’s not exactly the most discreet since it says in fairly large letters “MOIST ANAL LUBE” on the front.  This is the only thing on the bottom and unfortunately it is printed, so you can’t just peel the label off.  There is also a small tag wrapped around the neck that has a small blurb about the  product and lists the ingredients.  It lists it as a friction free, nonirritating, silky smooht, personal lubricant and also says that it’s nonstaining.  The pump seems a tad stiff on my bottle and if you press it firmly and quickly it will shoot out, so you need to be careful where it’s pointed.

This lube is much thicker than the regular moist lube, but it’s still not super thick.  It will run a bit, but it’s not so runny that it will drip all over the place though.  Once you spread it where you want, it tends to stay there. It also feels like it would give a fairly decent buffer for anal play.  I didn’t find it to be sticky.  If you leave it to dry in open air it does get a tiny bit tacky, but a small bit of water will reactivate it.  I didn’t have any issues texture wise when using this vaginally.  Some anal lubes just don’t feel natural enough for vaginal play.  I did seem to have a bit of a bad reaction to this lube though.  I didn’t notice a rash or any redness, but after using it I seemed to be extra itchy.  Even trying it on my hands it seems to feel itchy and kind of irritating.

The irritation is most likely due to some of the ingredients, and there are some interesting ones.  It does contain glycerin and parabens, which I have had no issues with in other lubes.  If you do though, I would suggest staying away from this one.  It also has nettle, rosemary, balm mint, and ginseng extracts.  I have no issues with ginseng, so it’s probably one of the other extracts that my body doesn’t quite like.  Nettle and balm mint are associated with a soothing feeling, which is probably why they were included in an anal lube.  It’s not a numbing lube and I felt no numbing from the product.  It’s probably using these natural extracts for a natural relaxation and soothing aid.  In addition, rosemary extract is said to be an antimicrobial agent which will help if you were to have any small tears and such.  It also has nonylphenol which I could not find a whole lot of information on.  It’s often found in cosmetics and can cause problems with the endocrine system as it can act and look like estrogen.

Overall, I’m not sure I’ll be using the Moist Anal lube again.  It’s okay as far as a lube goes, but it did leave me itchy feeling after wards.  Perhaps I could try where I wipe it off after I’m done, but even then that’s just a pain.  The nonylphenol is also a little sketchy seeming.  I was surprised to actually have a reaction to a lube since I haven’t had issues with even some sketchy lubes.  I do like that they added some other extracts that could possible help with anal penetration.  You can get it in small 1.25 oz size if you’re not sure, but the 4 oz bottle is cheaper (only $4 more for over double the amount).  However, I would probably recommend you go with something like Sliquid Sassy Booty Lube (which FunWares also carries), since it’s glycerin and paraben free and is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

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*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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