Review: Moist Mist and Heat

I haven’t reviewed any lube for a while, so today I’m going to talk about two!  Pipedreams was kind enough to send me their Moist Mist and Moist Heat to review for them.

The Run Down:

moist mist

Moist Mist

I had seen Moist before I received these two lubes to review, but I had never tried them or really heard much about them.  When I received them I immediately put some of the Moist Mist on my fingers to see how it was, without checking out the ingredients.  To me, it felt like a silicone lube so I checked out the ingredients.  Water based.  What?  That’s not right.  So I doubled checked online.  Yep, it’s water-based.  I even had a friend feel it and asked what he thought and he also thought it was a silicone lube.

moist mist

The spray top

The Moist Mist is very super slick and lasts a very long time, especially when used vaginally.  A little bit also goes a very long way and it is very runny.  It does not get stick or tacky when it dries.  I even found that when let on the back of my hand, it makes it soft and smooth once it dries, most likely due to the aloe it contains.  I really love the feeling of this lube and I would even say it could be used for a massage.

I would guess that the runny-ness is so it can function (kinda) as a mist.  I’ve had a “mist” type lube before and they never work as well as you’d think.  Lube, even when it’s runny, is just a little too viscous to properly form a mist.  The Mist does squirt out well, just not more in a straight line and not so much a mist.  It can make application easier with a partner or even with a toy, though it may also get messy.  Thankfully I have not seen that this lubricant stains.

The biggest thing that I don’t like about the Moist Mist are the ingredients.  It does contain glycerin, parabens and a lot of chemicals.  It also has a bit of a glue-like chemical scent to it, but only if you put it right to your nose.  I didn’t find any scent after it dried on my skin.  It also doesn’t taste particularly good.  A bit sweet, but I would try something else if you wanted a lube for oral sex.  Even though it has some unfavorable ingredients, I think it is a great lube if you don’t have issues with those ingredients.


moist heat

Moist Heat

The Moist Heat is identical to the Mist in slickness and lasting power.  It is a bit thicker and comes out of a pump top that is very easy to use.  It also contains glycerin and parabens, but it has some ingredients such as menthol to produce a warming effect.  I did not find the warming effect to be very substantial, but I don’t think I’m very sensitive to it.  I’m much more sensitive to a cooling sensation.  With both lubricants, I found that water didn’t really help to reactivate them as they are mostly absorbed.  I think the Heat would work decently well for a hand job, as the friction from that should really cause it to warm up.  But again, it doesn’t taste very good, so I would try something else for oral.

Overall, I really like both the Moist Heat and Moist Mist and these will be lubes I use quite often.  I do wish though that they didn’t contain glycerin and parabens so that more people would be able to enjoy it like I do.  There were negatives, but those mostly revolved around the ingredients that do not have an adverse reaction with my body.

*This review was sponsored by Pipedreams, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*


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