Review: MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket

So everyone saw my post on Sex Toy Day right?  Well today I’m going to give you a review of the toy you can get for FREE on Sex Toy Day, the lovely red MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Out-ie
  • Manufacture: MyPleasure
  • Batteries: 1 AA
  • Material: ABS Plastic and Metal
  • Size: 4″ long, 1″ wide
  • Price: $13.95 or FREE on Sex Toy Day
  • Recommended Use: Stimulate the clit, nipples, or anywhere else that needs a little vibe
  • Pros: Pretty red color; Small and non-intimidating; Metal stimulation nubs;  Easy to use and clean; Waterproof
  • Cons: Little strong for me
  • Intensity: 4.75/5
  • Volume: 3.25/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

The MyPleasure Pocket Rocket was offered to all MyPleasure reviewers in anticipation of Sex Toy Day, so I thought what better way to support it even more is to give you guys a review of the to you can get free of charge on Sex Toy Day.

The Pocket Rocket

So this pocket rocket looks like most standard pocket rockets I’ve seen.  It’s a beautiful translucent red plastic with the MyPleasure logo on the side.  As you can see, it’s a very small discrete toy.  It’s only about 4″ long and about 1″ in diameter.  It’s small enough to tuck away in a drawer and can easily be concealed for travel in a suitcase or purse.  It’s also small enough to fit between two partners during sex and is a good non-intimidating toy to incorporate into your foreplay.

Head of the Rocket

This pocket rocket is great for stimulating the clit, nipples, or anywhere that needs a little extra stimulation.  It can also work to massage your temples, neck, or any sore muscles.  The head of the pocket rocket has three metal nubs that feel good whether it’s vibrating or not.   This is not a toy that’s meant for insertion though, so I don’t recommend using it anally or vaginally.

Battery Compartment

The vibrations that this little toy put out are surprisingly strong too for a single AA battery.  For me, it’s too strong for clitoral stimulation, but I’m very sensitive, but it feels very nice on other body parts.  The battery is also very easy to insert, simply twist the end to open the compartment and pop in your battery.  To turn it on, you just need to twist the base so the arrow points to ON. And another bonus to this lovely little toy, is it’s waterproof, as you can see from the white rubber o-ring.  Since it’s waterproof you can take it into the shower or bath and it makes it very easy to clean.  Simply wash with soap and water or toy cleaner and you’re good to go!

Overall, this is a great little toy.   The MyPleasure Pocket Rocket is waterproof, strong, and discreet and I think everyone, beginners and advanced users alike, deserves one. MyPleasure thinks everyone deserves one too, which is why I highly recommend signing up to get one of these on  Sex Toy Day which is November 4th!

If you want to learn more about Sex Toy Day please visit my previous post on it or check out

2 comments to Review: MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket

  • Trix

    Got mine as a result of Sex Toy Day, hooray! It makes me nostalgic for my first vibe (a Water Dancer, basically the same thing). It’s louder than I remember, so I’ve been a little reluctant before now, but I think I might just go give it a try…

  • Matt

    We had this at home a few years ago. I used it to massage my neck, temples and eyes during college days. Good enough but it ate batteries like there is no tomorrow.

    worst part is, my sister owned it. I didn’t know it could be used as a vibe. ugh. NASTY. LOL

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