Review: Nature Day Take 2 – Week 4

I’ve been a little bad about applying the cream, I know I skipped a few nights, but I’m trying to be very good about.  Some nights you just get in bed though and conk out.  I’m still applying the Enhancement Liquid right to my nipples and breasts and rubbing it in.  I do about 10 drops to my nipples and just around it and around another 10 around the rest of my breast and I do this on both.  After I apply the Breast Cream and make sure it’s rubbed in very well.

Now on to the measurements and pictures!  The measurements for this week have actually gone down all around.  There has been no change in how my bra fits, so perhaps this is due to stress, regular hormonal changes, and just being bad at measuring myself.

My Measurements & Stuff:

  • Above breasts:  40″
  • Around breasts:  47″
  • Below breasts:  39″
  • Look:  There isn’t really much difference in look.  The front looks nearly identical, though from the sides there may be a bit more roundness on the top and bottom.
  • Feel:  I had some people feel them at the play party they other weekend and they said they felt very firm, however, they had not felt them before I started using the cream again so it’s hard to say what’s changed.  They do perhaps feel a bit firmer.
  • Nipple Sensitivity:  I still haven’t noticed any increases in sensitivity other than when applying the cold drops.
nature day take two week 4

Front (Week 0 on left – Week 4 on right)

natureday take 2 week 4

Right (Week 0 on left – Week 4 on left)

nature day take 2 week 4

Left (Week 0 on left – Week 4 on right)

*This review was sponsored by Nature Day, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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