Review: Nature Day Take 2 – Week 6

I’ve still been a little bad about applying the Breast Cream and Enhancement Liquid.  I’ve been doing it about every other day.  Things have been so busy I’m exhausted and just pass out when I get in bed, but I promise I”ll try to be better!  I have plenty of cream and liquid left so I’ll get at least one or two more posts in.

I’m still applying the liquid first.  Around 10 drops to each nipple and rub it in to the surronding area and about 8 drops around the rest.  Then I apply the cream.

So last time the measurements went way down from the post before that.  I didn’t really notice a chance in how my bra fit or anything.  I did recently buy a new bra and one of the 42DD’s I tried on was a tad too small, but I think that was more the style of the bra and the fact that one is slightly larger, which is usually the trouble maker in bra buying.  I did find a 42DD that fit very well though.  It is a very good fit, so I’ll probably notice a change when I wear it more likely than with the other bras I have.

My Measurements & Stuff:

  • Above breasts:  41″
  • Around breasts:  47″
  • Below breasts:  40.5″
  • Look:  I still don’t see much difference in how they look.  Comparing Week 0 to Week 6 though, it does look like the bottoms are more rounded and almost as if they are sagging more.
  • Feel:  They do feel a bit firmer than they have and perhaps even a bit heavier in my hands
  • Nipple Sensitivity:  Still no changes in sensitivity

Front (Week 0 on left – Week 6 on right)

Right (Week 0 on left – Week 6 on left)

Left (Week 0 on left – Week 6 on right)

*This review was sponsored by Nature Day, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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