Review: NatureDay Take 2 – Week 0

A few months ago, I started an experiment with the NatureDay cream and soap that they sent me.  I never really followed up after I finished using the product. They offered to send me more products to try out and sent me another jar of their Breast Cream and a bottle of their Enhancement Liquid.

For this first post, I’ll review the ingredients and provide the initial pictures and descriptions and will be starting both the cream and liquid suplements today.

The Run Down – Enlargement Cream:

The Run Down – Liquid Supplement:

In the previous trial, I did notice some increase in firmness.  However, I do not feel quite the same firmness since I started using it.  It could be due to not using it long enough or other factors.  I did enjoy the effects and I am hoping to use it to more lasting effects this time.  Online it suggests that you can also use the drops on your breasts and the representative I talked to said that the drops can make your nipples more sensitive, which will be another thing I will look for.
Since I’ve talked about the cream before, I’m just going to talk briefly about the liquid.  Since I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll talk about the taste next time.  It does contain a lot of alcohol as a way to hold the herb blend.  However, since you are only having a 30 drops or so, it should not have any intoxication effects.    It does have a strong smell of wheat and alcohol, at least to me, which I hope will diminish once I add it to water.  It also has an earwax yellow color.  Overall, it’s not that appealing and I probably would not suggest consuming it without it being in water.

My Measurements & Stuff:

  • Above breasts:  39.5″
  • Around breasts:  47″
  • Below breasts:  39.5″
  • Look:  Normal.  Generally saggy, nipples pointed slightly down, very rounded on bottoms.
  • Feel:  They feel a bit squishy, but definitely not as firm as they felt near the end of the last trial.
  • Nipple Sensitivity:  I supposed I could classify it as “normal”.  I don’t have highly sensitive nipples, but I do quite enjoy them being played with and touched.


NatureDay Trial 2 Week 0 Front



NatureDay Trial 2 Week 0 Right


NatureDay Trial 2 Week 0 Left


*This review was sponsored by Nature Day, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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