Review: Nature Day Take 2 – Week 2

It’s been two weeks already, it’s hard to believe how quickly time flies sometimes.   For these two weeks I have been using the Enhancement Liquid and the Breast Cream.  For the first two days, I tried to take the liquid orally as it says on the bottle.  The first time I tried 30 drops in a glass of water.  I thought putting it in water would dilute the smell, but it didn’t really seem too.  The taste to me was rather unpleasant and it even seemed to make me feel a bit queasy.  I tried just 10 drops the next day but it was more of the same.  I thought about just taking a dropper full at once and chasing it, but I decided to use it as a boost to the cream.  Before I apply the cream, I rub about 15 drops into each breast before applying the cream.  I try to be fairly consistent in the amount of cream I apply, but it can be a little difficult to do.  I get enough to cover my entire breasts and make sure to rub it in fully.

Now on to the measurements and pictures!  The measurements have increased a bit (well at lease above and around), but I don’t see any real changes.

My Measurements & Stuff:

  • Above breasts:  41″
  • Around breasts:  48″
  • Below breasts:  39.5″
  • Look:  I don’t notice any differences in look.  On the left and right pictures, it appears that they are a bit larger, but that is because I had a bit of a twist instead of being perpendicular to the mirror.
  • Feel:  They still feel a bit soft and squishy, they may feel slightly firmer, but it’s hard to tell.
  • Nipple Sensitivity:  I haven’t noticed any real difference in nipple sensitivity.  The only difference I have seen is when I am applying the liquid.  Since, the liquid is mostly alcohol it is very cold when applying it.
nature day take two week 2 front

Front (Week 0 on left – Week 2 on right)

nature day take 2 week 2 right

Right (Week 0 on left – Week 2 on left)

nature day take 2 week 2 left

Left (Week 0 on left – Week 2 on right)

*This review was sponsored by Nature Day, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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