Review: Natureday – Week 0

Most of you know I have fairly large breasts.  By fairly large I mean I regularly wear a size 42DD bra.  However, I have always been disappointed by the sagginess and the lack of firmness and perkiness.  I started talking to a guy who was using supplements to grown his own boobs (not transgender, just wants boobs, kind of interesting) and he told me he was taking a product made by Natureday.  I checked out their website and looked at all their products.  They don’t just carry breast enlargement pills, but they carry a liquid, a cream, and a soap.  Interesting… so I contacted them to see if they’d be willing to send me something.  I talked with them saying I was curious how well it would work with larger breasts because most all the testimonials I read through were men or small to flat chested women.  I also mentioned that my goal was not size, but firmness and perkiness.  They agreed and sent me a jar of their enlargement cream and a bar of the enlargement soap.

The Run Down – Enlargement Cream:

The Run Down – Enlargement Soap:

  • Ingredients:  Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, and Palm, Distilled Water, Fullfillment herbal supplement, Shea Butter, Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, Dead Sea Salts, Silk Fibers, and Grapefuit Seed Extract
  • Instructions:  Lather up the breasts while in the shower and lead the suds stay for several minutes.  The longer you leave it on, the better the results.
  • Size:  3 oz bar
  • Price:  $17.00

The cream and the soap

The cream comes in a short dark blue jar.  The label says “Natureday Enlargement Formula” on the front and the back lists the ingredients and suggested use.  It’s a fairly discreet little jar and unless someone picks it up to look at it, I would be fine leaving it out.  You could also easily peel the label off, since the instructions are fairly straight forward.  The cream itself looks like a thick heavy lotion and has a pleasant lotion-y scent to it.  Since this post is week 0, I have not used the cream yet, so I will talk more in my next post about how it rubs on.

The soap comes wrapped in tissue paper.  The bar itself looks like a small homemade bar of soap, so it will not draw any attention.  It does have more of a scent to it than the cream, most likely due to the sandalwood fragrance oil.  Again, I will talk more in my next post about the soap in use.

So this post will be the start of my experiment with this product.  I will use the cream every day, following the suggested use, as well as the soap when I take a shower (typically every other day).  Every two weeks I will make a post talking about any changes I’ve felt, seen, or noticed, as well as include pictures to document any changes.  The jar is listed as a one month supply, so I should end up with a total of 3 posts.  On their website it says changes should be noticable before the first  four weeks.  If I notice a lot of changes in just a week, I will probably do posts sooner, so we shall see. And to start off with, here are a front, right, and left side view of my boobs before starting to use either product along with a bust measurement, as well as a circumference around each breast and some general notes of look and feel.

Bust:  48″
Right:  18″
Left:  20″
Look:  When standing natural, nipples face down, more so with the left.  They seem a bit saggy. Stretch marks, but very pale and not noticable.
Feel:   Soft and squishy

natureday experiment week 0 front

Front - Week 0

natureday experiment week 0

Right side

natureday experiment week 0

Left side

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