Review: Natureday – Week 2

It’s been two weeks since I first started using the Natureday Cream and Soap so it’s time for some new pictures and some updates.  I would like to add that this week was my period, so I do expect some slight fluctuations because of that, so we’ll see if any changes stay for the next two week.

First I just wanted to say a few notes about the cream and the soap.  The cream I have been applying every night just before bed while the soap I use every other shower.  I much prefer the cream.  It leaves my skin soft to the touch like most any other lotion and it has a pleasant floral scent.  The cream glides easily so if it’s time for your monthly exam, I would go ahead and do it while applying the cream.  The soap smells pretty good, but it gives me a “squeaky clean” feely that I don’t really like.  I’ve found it quite easy to add applying the cream to my bedtime routine.

As far as any changes, I have not really noticed any.  My boobs still feel the same.  I asked a friend to look and feel and he said they felt the same, but did appear to be a bit larger.  I’ve included the same pictures side by side with the Week 0 pictures.  The right side does appear to have filled out more on the bottom side while the left seems smaller.  I think that is mostly due to the ankle that the photos were taken at.  It’s hard to be consistent.  Stay tuned for another post in two more weeks!  Until then feel free to check out NatureDay and read their testimonials there.

Bust:  48?
Right:  18.5?
Left:  20.25?
Look:  When standing natural, nipples face down, more so with the left.  They seem a bit saggy. Stretch marks, but very pale and not noticeable; 3rd party observe said they “appeared bigger”; No change (to me)
Feel:   Soft and squishy; No change


Front - Week 2


Right Side - Week 2


Left Side - Week 2


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