Review: Natureday – Week 4

I have been using the Natureday cream for four weeks now and I have to say in the last two weeks I did miss a night or two.  Once because I had to run and spend the night out of town and a few nights because I was either too tired and forgot or just didn’t feel like it.  I did apply it the same nearly every night though.  The soap I have not been using too much because it seems more of a hassle to me to try and let the suds sit for a while.  I do enjoy using the cream though, it still leaves my skin soft and smooth.  You can apply it up to three times a day, but I’ve found once a day works well for my routine.  I was curious because online, it lists a jar as a one month supply.  However, after two weeks I am only about half way through my jar.  Perhaps this is a one month supply if you are applying it more than once a day.  Either way, I plan to continue to use the cream until the jar is empty and update my progress every two weeks.  I estimate getting another month out of this jar.

Now on to the stats and pictures!

Bust:  48″
Right:  19″
Left:  21.25″
Look:  When standing natural, nipples seem to point more foward than before.  They seem a bit saggy, but less so due to direction nipples are pointing. Stretch marks, but very pale and not noticeable.  From the side views, the bottom of both seem to be fuller and more rounded, leading to the less downward pointing nipple
Feel:   Little change from my touch, but 3rd party said they felt much firmer.  I have noticed they seem to be bouncier when walking.


natureday week 4

Front - Before (left), Week 4 (right)

natureday week 4

Right Side - Before (left), Week 4 (right)

natureday week 4

Left Side - Before (left), Week 4 (right)

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