Review: Naughty Bedroom Dice

Today I’m going to review the Naughty Bedroom Dice, from Babeland!  I’ve always seen these types of dice and thought they could be fun!

The Run Down:

  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Size: 1″ square
  • Price: $13.00
  • Pros: Small discreet storage pouch; Very classy seeming;  Sleek and cool to the touch
  • Cons: Grind doesn’t fit well;  I don’t like toes (not really a con… but yeah); A little too large;  Very heavy;  Sharp corners
  • Overall Rating: 3.75/5
  • Recommended: Yes

Dice on the bag

I haven’t gotten to play with them with a partner, but the dice themselves are pretty nice. They come in a small velvety black pouch that’s very discreet.  This is definitely something you could keep on or in your bedside table and it wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.  It also came with a little tag as well with a short description, but they’re dice, there isn’t really a need for instructions.

One die has actions on it:  Suck, Kiss, Lick, Blow, Rub, and Grind; while the other has body parts:  Toes, Lips, Chest, Neck, Below Waist, You Choose.   The only thing that I don’t really think fits is ‘grind’.  Because “grind lips” or “grind chest” just doesn’t really… sound hot.  And also the toes, but I am completely anti-foot. I think I’m going to cover up that side and fill in another body part.  So if you like feet, that’s fine for you, but I’m just really weird with it.

Dice in my hand

The dice themselves are solid aluminum and each is 1″ square.  The only problem I had really was they’re a little large.  I feel that they could be smaller. I have fairly large hands and these just didn’t seem to fit well, not like traditional dice.  These are also fairly hefty and the corners are sharp, so you do need to be careful not to chuck them at your partner!  Unless of course I guess you’re into that sort of thing… then well yeah.  Other than that, I do think the aluminum is very nice, it makes them look sleek and they’re cool to the touch.  It’s sort of a classy way to do these type of naughty dice.  Oh and since they are aluminum they are body safe but please don’t stick them in you… but if you were to get lube and whatnot on them, they’d be easy to wipe clean or wash with soap and water.

One last thing, since they are heavy and have sharp corners, I wouldn’t want to throw them on a bedside table, as they could possibly scrap up your furniture. The bed works fine for rolling these and if one rolls around well just pick something that sounds fun 🙂  The dice can also get kicked up from hitting each other as aluminum is a very soft metal.

Overall, I do like the dice and I will be using them in the future.  They are sleek and pretty and easy to discreetly store.  They’d be great for a couple looking for a fun little game to spice things up a little bit and just get things rolling.  The only thing I didn’t like was they are rather weighty and could be a little dangerous if you’re not careful with them.  I suppose they could also be used for an erotic massage, since they’re cool and have a bit of a sharp point, but I’m sure you guys can use your imagination with that!  So thanks again to Babeland for sending me this product to review.  And if you’re interested in getting these classy but naughty dice, pop on over to Babeland where they’re only $13.00!  Plus the first person to message me can get a 10% off coupon!

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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