Review: Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation

Most of you know that I have been a tad bit obsessed about female ejaculation, so I was thrilled when The Intimacy Book agreed to send me Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation.  I had not yet seen any guides by Nina Hartley, so it was a double upper of excitement.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Adult Instructional DVD
  • Studio:  Adam & Eve Pictures
  • Length:  84 minutes
  • Extras:  Web Info, Behind the Scenes, Nina Hartley Interview, Bonus Scene, Photo Gallery, Previews
  • Price:  $23.58
  • Pros:  Good information; Main scene is great; Has several bonus features
  • Cons:  DVD case isn’t discreet; I didn’t care for the couple/porn scene; Video recording itself is a bit dated; A tad cheesy
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

Nina Hartley's guide to female ejaculation

The DVD jacket

To start with, the DVD case is not discreet.  It does have Nina Hartley and Anna Mills on the cover with their breasts exposed as the main picture.  It also has smaller image captures from the main feature on the front and back cover.  You probably won’t want to store this on your DVD shelf if you don’t want other people to see it.  Aside from that, it’s not a bad box and it does give you a decent overview of what to expect in the film from the back cover.  The front cover also has the statement “The elusive wet orgasm…how any woman can achieve it!”.  The images on the disc itself are similar as well.

The feature video starts off with Nina and Mika Tan sitting on a couch and discussing anatomy, the g-spot, and other relevant topics.  With this section, it jumps to small spinets from the two main scenes.  They are both clad in fetish/rubber/latex type wear and Mika acts as a model to show some anatomy.   This section is fairly short and takes up around the first 15 minutes.  I do think it’s a fairly informative bit.  I found it helpful that they talked about why it’s more difficult for some women to squirt than other.  If the urethra is too close to the vagina that can cause a “retrograde” ejaculation.   After the next two scenes it does come back to them on the couch, but it is not as long as the initial portion.

Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation


The second part is my favorite.  During this, Nina works with Anna Mills on a doctors table like you would see at the gynecologist.  She uses various toys and techniques to bring her to several squirting orgasms.  What I found most interesting was when she uses a vertical speculum on her and you can see inside her vagina with the camera and can actually see her g-spot (see! It is real!).  Even during the sexy scenes they are still dropping information on you.  They also show many different toys and give suggestions on how to best stimulation your g-spot.  The last scene of the main feature is with Trent Salouri and Angela Stone to show squirting in a couple type position.  This is more of a standard porn scene and I didn’t care for it that much.

As far as the bonus features, they were interesting but not amazing.  The picture gallery had a few shots that weren’t in the main videos.  There was also a behind the scenes section, which was interesting, but I did notice that Angela Stone seemed very uncomfortable and nervous.  There was also a “bonus sex scene” that I skipped around through, but it seemed out of place.  There was no squirting, nothing, it was just a sex scene on some construction equipment.  The girl’s voice in this scene was extremely annoying to me.  A high pitched “Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah”, I just can’t stand it.  The last bonus feature was an interview with Nina that sort of rehashed everything they’ve gone over in the video.

In general, I wish that they would make an updated version of this video.  It seems like it was shot in the late 70s or 80s (based on the video quality and hair styles).  It’s not really bad quality, but it would be nice if it were a little more to date.  I found the last scene to look much more dated than the other scenes as well.

Overall, I did find Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation useful.  I’m not sure it’s something I would watch to masturbate too, but it’s something I’ll watch a few more times to soak in all the information.  If you’re looking to learn more about female ejaculation and how you could possible get to that point, I would highly suggest checking out this video.  I don’t think it quite lived up to the “how any woman can achieve it” tag line, but I do think it was useful.  Be sure to check out all the other Nina Hartley guides over at The Intimacy Book.

*This review was sponsored by The Intimacy Book, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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