Review: Nookii

Sometimes you need something other than sex toys to spice up your relationship like the Nookii couples game from My Pleasure.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Adult Game
  • Includes: 90 cards, two dice, timer, scarf, do not disturb sign, instruction booklet
  • Price: $49.95
  • Pros: Purple box; Nice scarf;  Good suggestions on cards
  • Cons: For heterosexual couples only; Can be a bit jumpy; Very pricey
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes if you don’t mind the price

nookii couples game box

The Game Box

The first thing that drew me to this game is the color.  You guys know how much I love purple and the box is a beautiful purple color with pink lettering.  The sides are also purple and pink with a silk pattern.  When you open up the box you find 6 packs of card (3 packs for each player for a total of 90 cards), 2 dice, a timer, a scarf, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ door knob sign, and a small instruction booklet.  This is a fairly large box and while it doesn’t say anything very sexually explicit on it, I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it out.  One thing I did like is that the timer and dice are the same colors as the box and cards.  The scarf that comes in the box is also very soft and is a sheer purple.

The instruction booklet is very small, but the rules are very simple.  It says that the object of play is to enjoy the other player.  It also says that some cards suggest certain items (skirt, shirt, bra, pants), so if you have them on hand great, if not you can improvise.  You should also start the game clothed.  The cards with the silk pattern on them are the female’s cards and the plain purple cards are the male.  There are three levels of cards ‘mmm’ – warm up, ‘ooh’ – fun, and ‘ahh’ – naughty.

nookii couples game insides

All the items of the game

Each partner will take they’re sets of cards and shuffle each type separately.  Draw one of each type and leave them in front of you.  The highest roller will go first and will read they’re ‘mmm’ card and then throw both dice to determine the length of play for the first card.  The timer is set and you read the card.  Anything with the bold quotation marks should be read out loud to your partner.  The trick is then to divide your time equally so that you can perform all the actions on the card, but not spend more time on any particular task.

The ideas on the cards are okay; some are better than others.  Most of the suggestions are pretty vanilla although there is some light bondage with the scarf.   All of the cards I’ve come across or thumbed through and read have been foreplay based.  They are playful ideas to slowly build up the passion to get you read for sex.  The only issue I had here was it can feel a little jumpy.  Each card is timed and you’re supposed to stop when the timer goes off and move on to the next card.  Though I suppose if you’re really enjoying yourself you can ignore the timer and keep going.  Or even just use the cards as ideas to jump start a play session or surprise your partner.

The thing that I didn’t like the most about this game is that it focuses only on heterosexual couples.  I am in a heterosexual relationship, so me and my partner have no problem playing this game.  However, it would be nice if it could be played but all sets of partners.  You can always use your imagination and change the words on either the male or female set of cards to suit you though.

Overall, Nookii is a very easy game to play and has some neat ideas for actions on the cards.  It can be a little jumpy but it can be a fun way be more playful with your partner.  The only thing that discourages me from saying to go out and buy it is the price.  Nookii sells for $49.95 on My Pleasure, so it is not an inexpensive game.  If you have the extra cash and are looking for a game like this, I say go for it.

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*This review was sponsored by My Pleasure, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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