Review: Official Wife Swap Parody

It’s cherry popping time!  That is my porn reviewing cherry.  I’ve never been one for watching much ‘real’ porn, heck I’ve never owned any until recently.  But anyway, time for my first porn review ever:  The Official Wife Swap Parody sent to me as part of the Porn Club at Eden Fantasys.

The Run Down:

  • Studio: Zero Tolerance
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Features: Cumshot recap; Behind the scenes; Chapter selections; Interactive menu; Slid show
  • Price: $19.99
  • Pros: Funny characters; Attractive people; Not too long
  • Cons: Lots of fake boobs
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This video, like the name says, is a parody of the popular show on ABC called Wife Swap.  The idea is that two married couples are picked and the wives trade places for a week and the interactions are filmed.  The Official Wife Swap Parody puts a XXX twist on the TV show though.

He's just so cute *squee*

In the two hour time period there are three wife swaps for a total of six partner swaps.  For each wife swap there is a short introduction of the characters.   For two of the swaps the husbands and wives switch and have naughty fun, but for the one swap, the swapped wife actually gets busy with the son of the husband she swapped too, which I thought was a neat change and kept things fresh.  They do also through a black and Hispanic couple into the mix as well.  Here are the swaps:

  • First:  Jack & Diane Hughes and James & Latasha Jones
  • Second:  Rob, Marie, & Joey Spallone and Richard & Barbara Frampton
  • Third:  Steve & Edie Whitaker and Enrique & Gloria Banderas

I thought this was a pretty hot scene. Mmmm geeky boy

I have to say my favorite character was Steve Whitaker, not that there’s a lot of character development, but he’s a geeky-looking, kind of awkward guy, which I’m a total sucker for.  The characters did have quiet a bit of personality, which did transfer through to the sex for some of them.  I was disappointed with the quantity of huge fake boobs on cute girls. They’re cute already, I don’t see why they need fake boobs, I don’t think it helps their looks at all.

The bit of acting that they do was quiet funny.  There wasn’t a huge plot line, but it was just nice little snippets that made it entertaining to watch and not just straight sex.  Some of the moans and groans did occasional sound forced and annoying though, but not too often.  Though I will say I did love how James Dean growled in his scene, that was pretty hot. The video was also very high quality and it was very well shot.

And just why isn't that me?

As far as the sex in the movie, it is mostly straight vanilla sex, which is fine by me. Each scene started with a blow job or the guy going down on the girl and progressed from there.  Most of the cumshots were facials, cumming in the mouth, or something similar.  There was no anal sex at all.  There was a tiny bit of foot play in one scene, but it was very easy not to notice it.  I’m not a fan of feet and it didn’t bother me at all.

There were also several added features to the DVD.  The scene selection feature is very easy to use and go to the swap you want to see.  There is also a cumshot compilation which is nice to watch and just see the grand finales.  Lastly there’s a few trailers, a slide show, and a behind the scenes feature, which was pretty neat. I liked seeing the actors being themselves.

Overall, all the actors and actresses were very attractive.  It wasn’t trashy and was actually very tasteful I found.  It may be a little too vanilla for some people, but I did enjoy it, though I think I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to porn. This is one that I will be keeping in my collection!

$19.99Offical Wife Swap Parody
DVD by Zero Tolerance
Stars: Julia Ann, Mark Wood, James Deen, Marco Banderas
Director: Mike Quasar
Buy from EdenFantasys

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*This review was sponsored by Eden Fantasys, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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