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I’ve been on a roll with products with awful, yet kind of amusing, names, but the name does not make the product.  In fact, I enjoy this product despite it’s name.  So what is it I’m reviewing for you guys today?  ORGASMIX!  Yes, all caps.  Orgasmix is an orgasm enhancement gel sent to me by FunWares.

The Run Down:

orgasmix orgasm enhancement gel

The box

The packaging for Orgasmix is very dramatic.  It reads very much like an infomercial and when I read over it it’s usually in the voice of Billy Mays  It’s also not discreet at all.  Hell, the name isn’t even discreet.  Around the top of the box it says “Intense Pleasure”, “Powerful Desire”, “Multi-Orgasmic”, “Passion Igniter”.  Those are some big words to live up to.  It also has three very excited phrases on the box (everything has exclamation points on it you know!)

Orgasm Enhancement Gel!

Electrify” Your Love Life!

Warning:  May Cause Screams of Passion!

Are you excited yet?  No?  I know a lot of other reviewers would scoff at the packaging.  Why should I use a product that’s so over pitched and cheesy before you even get it out of the package?  Well if it can actually live up to it’s claims, maybe it’s worth the cheesy packaging.

The gel itself is comes in a small flip top tube.  The tube is a bit more tame.  It does say ORGASMIX and that it’s an orgasm enhancement gel and in smaller print “for orgasmic pleasure and increased sensitivity”.  The tube isn’t nearly as ‘excited’ at the box.  Anyway, the tube is small so it’s easy to tuck in a drawer out of site.  I mean really, we’d all be embarrassed if someone saw our ORGASMIX laying out.  The gel itself is clear and a tad runny, but you can still easily get it where it needs to go.  It is fairly slick, like most water based lubes and can get just a touch sticky as it starts to dry but a drop of water should reactivate it.  If you are using this with just a clitoral simulator, you probably will not need to use any extra lube.

orgasmix orgasm enhancement gel

The tube

The instructions say to apply a few drops to the finger tip and rub it on the underside of the clitoris and to continue to massage it in until the desired effect is achieved.  You can apply more gel to increase sensation.  For me, I did not find the sensation to be “intense” or “powerful” but I do get a nice sensation.  It also didn’t make me multi-orgasmic or cause screams of passion.  It does give me some increased sensitivity and has a slight warming and cooling feel to it.  It really only lives up to being a sensitivity increaser and passion igniter.  It is a nice way to jump start your clit. I didn’t find that by adding more I got a more intense sensation.  However, it does have an affect on my vulva as well  I do also notice it increases my own natural lubrication production.  The sensation lasts long enough to get me excited, but I usually don’t notice it once I’ve finished, but by that point I don’t really need added stimulation.  The sensation seems to dull with lots of motion on the area, especially getting my own fluid on it and washing it away, but without touching it it seems to last for 15-20 minutes.  It will wash off easily with water and I did not find it had more than a lube kind of smell and no taste at all.

Orgasmix has a few ingredients in it that cause the sensation, those being L-Arginine, menthol, Yohimbe, and Ginseng.  I had never heard of Yohimbe before but it is a natural stimulate and aphrodisiac.  There was a lot of information and studies on this ingredient but it has been used and shown to be a stimulate in both men and women.  To read more about it please see my Materials and Ingredients page.  L-Arginine I have mentioned before and it is a protein that increases blood flow to an area and can cause outbreaks in people who have genital herpes.  For those of you with genital herpes, I would highly suggested not using this product.  Aside from those ingredients, this is a water-based product and has no glycerin in it but it does have methylparaben so those with sensitives to that should stay away.

Overall, I do actually really like ORGASMIX.  It’s a awful box, but the gel itself gives me a nice sensation that I really like.  I think most women will enjoy this sensation and men may even like it.  I do not think it would work well for a hand job because it would dry very quickly, but a small drops rubbed on before sex may ‘kick it up a notch’ for your boy toy.  It is a tad pricey for just 1 oz, but you only need a small drop so the tube should last you a while.

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*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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