Review: Passion Wave

I’m always intrigued by unique adult toys and things that do something a little out of the ordinary, which is why I requested the Passion Wave from MyPleasure.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Materials:  TPR and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  9.75″; 5.5″ insert-able;  1.25″ in diameter
  • Price: $69.95, on sale for $49.95
  • Pros:  Unique idea; Not an intimidating size; Simple controls; Splash proof
  • Cons:  TPR and can’t be shared; Loud and annoying sounds; Sensation is uncomfortable for me; Takes 3 AA
  • Volume:  3.75/5
  • Overall Rating: 1/5
  • Recommended: No

the passion wave

Passion Wave in my hand

The Passion Wave came sealed up in a thin plastic bag so there isn’t much to say about the packaging, so I’ll just move along to the toy itself.  Unfortunately, the Passion Wave is mostly pink.  It’s made from a baby pink plastic and the insert-able portion is covered in clear TPR.  TPR isn’t my favorite toy material, but since my toys are usually just for me, I don’t mind it.  The TPR on the Passion Wave has no smell and it’s not sticky or tacky.  It does have a lot of drag though so I would suggest using a silicone or water-based lube with it.  TPR is porous, so you should clean it with soap and water or toy cleaner after every use and not share it with partners unless you put a condom on it.

the passion wave

Showing the plates and ripples

Aside from that, it’s about 9.75″ in total length and around 5.5″ are insert-able.  It’s also not overly thick and only about 1.25″ in diameter.  The interesting part about this toy is the shaft.  The bottom inch or so is solid plastic covered in the TPR but the majority of the shaft consists of three columns of rounded triangular plates.  These plates have a pin trough them connecting them.  In the middle of the plates there is a rod with twisted ridges that spins when you turn the toy on.  This causes the plates to ripple, or make waves.  I thought this was a very interesting mechanism and not something I had tried before.  I was really curious if it was something that you would even be able to feel very well.

Unfortunately, it stopped at the novelty for me.  When you turn it on it’s a bit loud, and not in the normal vibration loudness (since it doesn’t vibrate at all), but in a high pitch whine and grinding.  To me this was a much more distracting noise than loud vibrations.  I still tried it out and for me I found it very uncomfortable.  I could feel the ripples, but it just felt weird and almost painful.  It was such a strange sensation I can’t describe it well, but after several attempts I realized it just wasn’t for me.  In addition to that, some of the plates seem to get stuck and don’t move with the rest.  There is a bit of slack and space between the TPR and the plates but if you put more pressure on the shaft it makes them ripple better.  I feel like the TPR should be a bit tighter around the plates to help with this, but if you pull the tip and make the TPR squeeze the plates it makes an even worse noise.

the passion wave

The control panel and battery pack

The controls for the Passion Wave are fairly simple and much like other CEN toys like this.  There are three buttons, an up, down, and switch.  To turn it on, you just press the up.  There are three indicators on the control panel as well to show you what speed you’re on.  The up progresses you through the speeds and the down decreases.  The switch button changes the direction of rotation/waves.  The bottom of the control panel unscrewed to get to the battery compartment.  It does appear to have an O-ring so it can possibly be submerged, but I would caution on treating it as being splashproof.  It has a battery pack that you put 3 AA’s (not included) in.  I do like the battery pack idea since it makes it very easy to slip the batteries out when you’re not using the toy but it keeps them all together.  I don’t like that it uses 3 AA’s though and it doesn’t seem like it makes a good use of that power.

Overall, I did not enjoy the Passion Wave.  The rippling feeling just is not pleasant for me.  If you think it’s something you would really enjoy, by all means try it, but it is fairly expensive, so if you’re not positive I probably wouldn’t want to spend that much on it.  For me, the negatives of this toy just out weigh the uniqueness of this toy for me to recommend it.

*This review was sponsored by MyPleasure, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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