Review: PicoBong Kiki

Not long ago I reviewed one of the new PicoBong toys, the Koa.  I did like it, but I really wanted to play with more of them, so Babeland was kind enough to send me the PicoBong Kiki to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie or In-ie
  • Manufacturer:  PicoBong/Lelo
  • Includes:  The Kiki and the PicoBong Die
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  3.75″ long; 1″ at the widest
  • Price:  $39.00
  • Pros:  Very nice shape;  Super soft silicone; Nice color; Splash-proof;  Very quiet
  • Cons:  No battery included (AAA); Vibrations are a little lacking and buzzy;  Expensive
  • Intensity: 2/5
  • Volume: 2/5
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you want to pay $40 for it

picobong kiki

The package

Like I said in my Koa review, the packaging for the new PicoBong line is much different from Lelo’s typical toys.  It has a clear panel that you can see the Kiki through and the box is the color of the toy you choose.  The front lists a few of the features, like it’s waterproof, near silent, and body safe.  The back has a small blurb about it.  One thing I would like to see is have them toss in a battery in with the manual and such.  There’s plenty of room and I think the price affords it.  Aside from that it’s not very spectacular packaging.

picobong kiki

The Kiki in my hand

The Kiki itself has to be my favorite shape out of all the PicoBong toys.  It’s about 3.75″ long and it has a slightly curved flat head.  The head is oval shaped and about 1″ long and 0.75″ wide.  It’s only curved slightly but I like it.  It allows you have stimulation over a broad area or use the edge of the head.  The shape is nice for clitoral stimulation or possibly even g-spot.  The only problem with using it for g-spot is it’s only just over 3″ so you may not have enough to hold on to and still be able to reach your g-spot.  The body of the Kiki is made from very soft silicone and the end cap is plastic.  I really love the feel of the silicone.  Both pieces are a bright turquoise.  This isn’t a color I usually like, but here I think it’s cute and fun.  You should only use a water-based lube with it, since it is silicone, but cleaning is pretty easy.  You can use soap and water, toy cleaner or wipes, or bleach it.  Since it has electronic parts though, you can’t boil it.

The Kiki runs on one AAA battery that I wish was included.  The small cap just unscrews and you can pop the battery in.  There isn’t an o-ring in the cap, so I wouldn’t suggest submerging it.  Even though the package says it is waterproof, I just don’t trust it..  It does appear to spashproof so I think bringing it along in the shower would be fine. The only thing I would suggest is to use actual batteries instead of rechargeable ones.  The vibrations from a  rechargeable battery just aren’t quite as strong.  The vibrations, even with a regular battery, are not earth shattering.  They’re about a medium strong and slightly buzzy.  The vibrations are a good tease, but they’re probably not strong enough for most.  I really prefer to use this on nipples and other areas.  Just like the Koa, it has two buttons that are hidden in the P and the b and the controls are the same.  The (+) turns it up and down and the (-) turns it down.   On the highest spead you can push the (+) to enter the pattern mode.  If you want to see more details about the controlls please check out my Koa review.  The one thing I will say is it is very quiet.

Overall, I do like the PicoBong Kiki.  I think it’s a nice shape, but the vibrations are a little lacking.  I also love the silicone on the PicoBong line.  It’s super soft and I wish all my silicone toys felt like this. Aside from that, the price is a little steep, which is why this doesn’t have a super steal rating.  I think especially since PicoBong’s target audience is around 20-30 that the prices could be a bit lower.  For a non-rechargeable toy, with no storage bag, or not even a battery included, $40 is a bit pricey and I just don’t see how the price could be justified.  If you want to check out the Kiki or any of the PicoBong toys, Babeland does carry them all.

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

3 comments to Review: PicoBong Kiki

  • ALX

    Thanks for the review, I like the review videos especially. Even tho its small I really like the angle of the Kiki, and this combination allows it to sit perfectly in your palm, as well as on your clit 🙂 And I hear you about the price, but honestly I dont really mind it because its from the makers of Lelo- they are using the same quality control and same silicone material so I dont mind paying the extra 10 bucks for something i know is legit. Thanks!

    • lucid

      Yeah, but $10 can be a weak of meals for college students, so I just feel like for their target market they should have lightened up the price a bit, or at least thrown in some batteries or something.

  • escort little rock

    Great little toy. I bealive the price is as little as it can get.

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