Review: Pleasure Sling

I’m naturally a very flexible person, so I have no trouble getting my legs up for deeper penetrative sex.  However, I don’t have enough strength and stamina to hold my legs in those positions for a long period of time.  My hips get tired and start to cramp and my stomach gets tired and that just ruins the mood.  So I requested the Pleasure Sling from Eden Fantasys to see if it would help.

The Run Down:

  • Manufacturer: Whipsmart
  • Materials: Neoprene and Nylon
  • Price: $26.99
  • Pros: Retro style box; Very easy to use; Comfortable
  • Cons: Box is a bit big and not discreet; No instructions; May not work well for some women and may not slide up on some women’s thighs
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

Front of the box

One thing that kind of amused me even before I got the product  and partly why I picked it was the packaging.  The fairly sturdy cardboard box is maroon and lime green and gives a very retro feel to it.  It’s by no means discreet as it says “Pleasure Sling” in large lettering in multiple places on the box as well as showing  couples in sexual positions on both the front and back.  It is also a bit large, though it does give you a nice place to store the sling and keep it from getting tangled.

Back of the box

I was disappointed that it did not come with many instructions.  The back has a simple description of how to use the sling and you can see two examples on the front and back.  I think a small booklet with position ideas and more details would be nice, but the product really isn’t difficult to use.


The sling

The sling itself consists of three pillow-like sections connected with nylon straps.  The pillowed sections are made from neoprene and come in a cute cheetah print.  These sections are velvety soft and have about a quarter inch of padding to them.  Each padded strap is about 2″ wide and 8″ long.The straps are highly adjustable, reaching to 54″ in length from the middle section to the end of each foot section.  There is a backpack style strap adjuster on each side that allows you to very easily lengthen or shorten the straps during use.

As far as cleaning, I would just toss it in the washer every so often.  Since it’ll mostly be touching your back and neck and feet, it doesn’t get and bodily fluids on it.  If you do get lube on it you can just wipe it off.

The stirrups

To use the sling you place the middle pad behind your neck and slip your feet into the, well, I’ll just call them stirrups.  You can then adjust the length of the straps to what works well for you.  You can also slide the stirrups farther up your legs to your thighs.  However, one thing to note here is that these can only accommodated smaller thighs probably under 8″ in diameter.

In use, I found it extremely easy to adjust the straps to what I wanted in that particular moment.  I did find that the the middle pad was more comfortable to slide down more between your shoulders than on your neck.  When it’s right on the back of your neck it can cause a lot of pressure and make it uncomfortable but it can also give you an edge up so you can watch the action.  I really found it helpful to reduce the strain on my legs and my stomach and hips did not get tired.  My partner also said that it helped him get deeper, which he liked.

I do believe that it can be used in many more ways that what’s shown on the box.  It could be used behind the back to support your legs or even have you laying on your stomach with it under your stomach to hold your legs up the opposite way.  I even think you could use it as a very mild restraint system.  The stirrups would be easy to get out of, but for someone new to bondage that can be a good thing.

Overall, my partner and I really like the Pleasure Sling and we plan to continue to use it and experiment with it.  Especially since the first time we used it we ended up breaking my bed and had to stop to fix it… But this sling is inexpensive and cute and I believe it will work well for most women.  Plus, it’s very easy to use and I found it to be comfortable.

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product picture
Sling by Whipsmart
Material: Neoprene / Nylon
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

*This review was sponsored by Eden Fantasys, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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