Review: Fetish Fantasy Red Hot Teddy Set

I felt in love with teddy style lingerie after I obtained my first one.  Since then, I keep getting more and more.  SheVibe was kind enough to send me the Red Hot Teddy, part of Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Lingerie line, to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Lingerie
  • Manufacturer:  Pipedreams
  • Includes:  Teddy; G-string; Collar and Cuffs
  • Materials:  Teddy – 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex; G-string – 100% Cotton
  • Size:  One size; Queen Size; Diva Size
  • Price:  $37.99
  • Pros:  Neat design on the box; Looks good on the model; Good for beginner bondage play
  • Cons:  Box is a bit large; Gives major wedgies; Not flattering on me; Collar and cuffs for decoration only
  • Overall Rating: 1/5
  • Recommended: No

The package (which my picture for disappeared) for the Red Hot Teddy Set is probably much larger than it really needs to be. It comes in a fairly big, thick cardboard box. The front has a picture of the model (actually a plus sized model!) wearing the outfit and says “Fetish Fantasy Lingerie” along with “Red Hot Teddy Set” and the pipedream logo. The sides and top have a short of ripped fishnet look to them and the design is actually raised and covered in velvet. I think it’s kind of neat. The back has both a front and back view of the model, lists the features, what it includes and also includes a size chart for the Queen/Diva sizes. Overall, it’s an interesting box, but it’s much too large and not-discreet/flashy to store the piece in.

fetish fantasy red hot teddy

The front

The Red Hot Teddy Set itself comes in three pieces.  The main piece is the teddy portion.  It’s one solid piece made from a red mesh that is 90% nylon and 10% spandex.  It is essentially a Y shape with two straps that go over the shoulders and the single part that makes the crotch of the piece.  From what I could tell, each side is exactly the same.  The material itself is not super soft, but it is not itchy like some pieces I have had.  The biggest problem I had with this piece is that it does not feel long enough from top to bottom.  To get the straps over my shoulder, I have to wedge the crotch part very far up my butt, which is not comfortable.  It also means if you try to bend over or anything that puts your shoulders farther away, it digs in deeper.  It is just not comfortable at all.  I also feel that the V front comes down much farther than it does on the model.  The overall size I ordered was the “Queen Size”, so I would assume the “Diva Size” would be a bit longer, but it’s hard to tell.  The size chart just gives the standard bust/waist/hips measurements.  I’m usually on the edge of either cut off, so I went with the Queen.  I am not a very tall person and most of my height is in my legs.  So if you’re much taller than 5’4″ and can’t stand extreme g-strings, you may want to go ahead and pass.

fetish fantasy red hot teddy

The back

The other two parts of this set are mostly decorative.  The g-string that comes with it actually goes overtop of the teddy piece.  The g-string was frustrating for me because it has three straps.  It has one set of straps around to the back from the triangle front piece.  The other two straps are off a strap attached to the middle of the triangle.  I suppose some people may think the multiple straps looks sexy, but it seems a little silly to me.  The g-string says it’s 100% cotton, but there is very little material outside of the straps.  Both the g-string and the teddy can be hand washed in cold water.  I’m sure it will also be safe to  stick it in a lingerie bag and toss it in the washer.

The last part is the collar and cuffs.  The material of both of these is a sort of plether on the outside and satiny on the inside.  The collar is about 2.5″ wide, which is much too wide for me.  It fastens with a large velcro piece in the back and has a large O ring on the front.  It can be adjusted from about 19″ to 14″ but the width of it makes it uncomfortable for me.  The velcro can also be scratchy if you don’t get it situated properly.  The cuffs are 3″ wide and attach to the chain that runs through the O ring on the collar.  The cuffs tie with ribbon through grommets.  This gives you some room to get them tight, but ribbon doesn’t seem to hold a knot very tightly and it could be easy to rip the ring off that connects the cuff to the chain.  These are not meant for any real type of restraint, but if you are curious about playing around with the idea, but don’t want anything that you can’t escape from, this may be a good choice.  Like the g-string, this is mostly for the appearance.  The collar and cuffs, I wouldn’t suggest washing them.  If they get dirty, I would wipe them off with a damp cloth.

Overall, I am not a bit fan of the Fetish Fantasy Red Hot Teddy Set.  I didn’t find that it looked very flattering on me and it was just uncomfortable in all areas.  It is nice that it comes in more than just the “one size”, but I think the length could be adjusted as well.  If you have a body type closer to that of the models, this may work well on you.  For me, this piece is a pass, but SheVibe has a lot of other lingerie so I suggest taking a look.

*This review was sponsored by SheVibe, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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