Review: Reflections Dream

I’ve tried several of the Reflections line by Doc Johnson and when I saw the Reflections Dream, the shape really intrigued me.  FunWares was kind enough to send it to me to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie or out-ie; G-spot
  • Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson
  • Materials:  ABS Plastic and Glass
  • Size:  9″ in total length; 7″ insert-able; 1.5″ in diameter
  • Price:  $49.95
  • Pros:  Very interested texture and look;  Glass; Very nice shape; Waterproof; Dedicated on/off button; Multiple patterns; Interesting battery compartment
  • Cons:  Package not very discreet; No storage bag; Batteries not included; Fairly week vibration; A bit loud
  • Intensity: 2/5
  • Volume: 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

reflections dream from funwares

The package

The Reflections Dream comes in a similar package to other toys I’ve reviewed in the Reflections line.  It’s cute with hearts and swirls and whatnot.  There is a window in the design so that you can see the toy, so it’s not the most discreet.  It also says “Glass Vibration” on the front.  The sides list some of the functions of the toy and the back has what I believe is the same blurb as the other Reflections packages.  I would have really liked if it came with a storage bag though, it’s just a nice touch to keep your glass toys safe.

The Dream is an interesting toy and is a combination of plastic and glass.  The end cap is plastic while the rest of the toy is glass.  I think the main body has plastic under the glass.  The glass does have a neat feel to it because it’s liked frosted glass.   I think it looks and feels really neat, I haven’t felt a glass toy quite like it.  It also looks pretty cool when you get wet because it makes the frosted texture become smooth.  I did find though that this frosted texture leaves it with a lot more drag than other glass toys, so you will need to use some lube with it.  Since it’s glass though you can use any type of lube you like with it.  It’s also a water-proof toy so it’s very easy to clean.  You can use soap and water, toy cleaner, or bleach it.  I would not recommend boiling it since it has mechanical parts inside of it.

reflections dream from funwares

The Reflections Dream in my hand

I was a little surprised at how large this toy was when I got it (yea yeah, read the product description!).  It’s around 9″ in total length with up to 7″ being insert-able.  I feel that it’s designed to be a g-spot toy because it has a slightly curved bulbous head.  The largest diameter on the head is about 1.5″ while the thinnest part of the neck is just under 1″.  What I like is that the head is not uniform so you have a curved point on one side and more of a bulb on the other side.  Both sides seem to work fairly well to work my g-spot.  I would also say this is fairly safe to use anally because it is long enough that it has plenty to hold on to while using it.  I would suggest using a lot of lube with it if you use it anally though because it is not slick as other glass toys and bleach between uses it if you’re going to use it vaginally and anally.

reflections dream from funwares

The battery compartment

As far as the vibrations go, the Dream does leave a little bit to be desired.  The glass dulls out the vibrations quite a lot, so they are not horribly buzzy, but they are also not very strong.  The vibrations are focused in the head of the toy, which is a plus.  I also find it to be a little to loud for my tastes and is something that could possible be heard through a door or wall.  I don’t tend to like internal vibrations though, so this was not an important feature to me.  It runs on three AAA batteries (not included) which are inserted into the very interesting battery cap/base.  The end cap screws off, but the battery compartment is attached to it, so the whole thing comes out when you take it off.  This does allow you to easily pull the batteries out for storage by just unscrewing the end cap.  The controls for the vibrations are fairly simple as there is a dedicated on/off button and a button that changes the speed and pattern.  There are three levels of steady vibration and four pulsing and escalating patterns.  When you turn the toy on an LED lights up and changes from green to red depending on the speed of vibration and pattern.

Overall, I really like the Reflections Dream because of the texture and look of the glass and because of the shape.  I think many people will not be satisfied by the vibrations, since they are fairly weak.  I would still recommend it for the shape and texture.  FunWares carries in in white and a pale pink.

funwares banner

*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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