Review: Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!

I really like books almost as much as I like sex toys.  Okay, I probably actually like books more than sex toys, what can I say, I’m a nerd.  I always enjoy reading and even with the most basic instructional sensual book there is still something new to learn, so I requested Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! from MyPleasure to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:   Adult Information Book
  • Author:   Dr. Sadie Allison
  • Publisher:   Tickle Kitty Inc.
  • Pages:   217
  • Size:   7″ x 5″ x 0.5″
  • Price:   $16.95
  • Pros:  Small and easy to store; Very good for a beginner; Covers a lot of topics; Good images; Overall cute drawings and such; Encourages safer sex and opens discussion for sex toys
  • Cons:  Language is a bit immature; Not very detailed on any one subject; Heteronormative; Some images weren’t tasteful (to me)
  • Overall Rating:   4/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you’re looking for a broad beginner book

ride em cowgirl from mypleasure

The front cover

So far I’ve reviewed two of the other books by Dr. Sadie Allison.  At the time I requested this book I didn’t release it was also by her.  Not that they were bad, you can read my reviews here:  Toygasms and Tickle Your Fancy, they were just a little basic.  Ride ‘Em Cowgirl has a very similar look as both of those.  Beside Dr. Sadie Allison’s name on the front cover it says “America’s Pleasure Coach” and in very large print it says “RIDE ‘EM COWGIRL!! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking” so it’s not the most discreet thing to leave laying out.  Good news though, it is a fairly small book, only 7 inches by 5 inches and is easily tucked away in a bed side table. The spin of the book also says the same as the cover.  The front cover has a topless woman on it with a cowboy hat on, but the images is cut off before you see anything. There is also a sticker like thing on the front that says “Independent Publisher Award Winner Best Sexuality” so apparently the book won the best sexuality book of independent publishers.  The back cover looks like an ad out of a magazine.  It has a picture of a woman, I assume it’s Dr. Sadie, and has a lot of highlights about the book.  I’m not very fond of the back cover, for example, it says at the very top “The Couple’s Guide to Sexual Empowerment!” Wait, I thought this was a book about sex positions?  And it lists this key points:

  • Over 100 exciting point-n-play positions to spice up your lovemaking
  • Tastefully illustrated throughout to help you match the angle to the dangle!
  • Strokes, squeezes & sensations your lover wants… but isn’t telling you
  • Secret touches to set off eye-popping G-spot and HE-spot climates
  • Arousing penis thrills to gie her OMIGOD orgasms during intercourse
  • Beef-up fun with EVERY penis type!
Point-n-play? Angle to the dangle? He-spot?  Seriously?  And no, the language doesn’t change.  If you can’t stand when sex and such are talked about like this, then you can quit reading and avoid this book.  If you don’t mind or you prefer this, I’ll tell you a bit more.  Here’s the table of contents:
Your Passion Cocktail
The Art of Penetration
The Art of Being Penetrated
Missionary Possible
Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!
The G-Spot
Backdoor Boogaloo
The HE-spot
Voluptuous Lovin’
Pregnant Poses
Outercourse:  Good Messy Fun
Location! Location! Location!
Viva La Difference
Sexy Playthings
Appendix:  Safety First
Position Index
About The Author
ride em cowgirl from mypleasure

A sample of the position imagesd

Each chapter you will find a bit of information as well as sections that are labeled “Cowboys Only!” or “Cowgirls Only!” and occasionally some pictures.  The pictures are sketched and some of them are a little erotic.  You will see cartoon boobs (with nipples oh my!) and even a penis or two (gasp!), so if you’re really opposed to that, you may not want this book.  Also at the bottom of each page is a small little heart design, which was in the other books as well.  The cute thing about these hearts is they have a rope design to them.  Aside from that, there are tips and suggestions and descriptions in each chapter.  Some of the chapters focus on positions and those start with tips and tricks before a short section with sketches of the positions with a title and short description.  I do like the pictures and I think they are more helpful than just trying to describe the position.  However, some of them didn’t really seem to be different. I was also a bit confused because I assumed, from the title of the book, it would be all cowgirl style positions, but much more is covered as you can see from the table of contents.

There is a good deal of information covered in this book.  I didn’t have a problem with the actual information covered, but the language and the wording is what I didn’t care for.  At times it seemed very immature (I mean HE-spot really?!), but it is written with a beginner in mind I believe.  I do feel that this book would be great for many people who shy away from talking about sex and it could possibly help open them up. The information wasn’t wrong or incorrect in anyway from what I could tell at least.  And while they do talk about lube a lot they always say “slippery sex lube” or “sex lube” never just lube.  Yeah there are various types of lube, but I don’t think many people reading this book would get confused and try to use WD-40.
ride em cowgirl from mypleasure

Voluptuous Lovin' pictures

Another thing I didn’t like is the term “liquid orgasm” when referring to a female ejaculation.  I don’t know why… but to me it just sounds gross and not sexy at all.  Some people may like it, but I just thought it was kinda weird.  I also was disappointed by the “Voluptuous Lovin” chapter.  It was very short and didn’t offer a lot and the pictures were, to me, a tad untactful.  In addition on of the positions was “Gutsy Call – If he’s got a gut, rest it on her butt!” which was very off putting (which didn’t quite live up to the comment on the back saying the images are tasteful).  I don’t know why, I guess cause the drawers were very exaggerated.  Aside from that, it is very hetero-normative and talks only about male-female couples.  I’m sure many of the positions could be altered for other couples, but I think you may find a better and more inclusive book.

What I did like a lot is that safe sex is mentioned several times, including in the ForePlay and there’s even a full appendix/chapter dedicated to it.  The chapter talks about things you should and shouldn’t do and I thought the information was good.  It also written with a more serious kind of language than the rest of the book.  However, it did really feel like it pushes monogamy and avoiding casual sex as part of safer sex.  Which I agree, those do present a lower risk, but I feel like it’s saying ‘Oh your really shouldn’t do that!’ which for me was a tad off-putting.  Other than the safe sex she does mention sex toys and introduces the idea of bringing them into your sexual relationships.  It’s thrown out there as a simple, basic suggestion.  There is a short chapter on sex toys and it includes position pillows and various toys.  The only qualm I had is that it doesn’t list a resource of where to find them at.  Some of the shapes looked very much like Liberator shapes, but the company was not mentioned.  It does point you to the Toygasms book, that is essentially a beginners guide to sex toys, but it would be nice to have a few references on where to find things in this book.  It also really pushes lube, which is great.  Use lube!  I’ll even look over the fact that it always says “sex lube”… for now.
Overall, Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! is a decent book.  I’m not a fan of the language, but many less experienced people may find it appealing.  It also covers a very wide range of topics, everything from sexual positions, anal sex, g-spot and prostate, sex toys, and sex when you’re pregnant.  All of these topics include good information, but are only a little tidbit of all that is out there.  If you’re a complete beginner, this would be a great introduction to all of those topics and then if you’re craving more you can find a more detailed book on the topic.  You can find several other instructional books, as well as a few other Dr. Sadie Allison books, over at MyPleasure.
*This review was sponsored by MyPleasure, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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