Review: RodeoH Harness

Even though I don’t have a partner to try out pegging with right now, it’s something that really interests me.  I’m always intrigued by unique harnesses so I was thrilled when Babelandoffered to let me review the new RodeoH Harness.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Strap-on
  • Manufacturer:  RodeoH
  • Materials:  Cotton (95%) and Elastane (5%)
  • Size:  XS (23″-26″ hip), S (25″-29″ hip), M (30″-34″ hip), L (34″-37″ hip), XL (37″-40″ hip), XXL (39″-41″), XXXL (41″-43″)
  • Price:  $45.00
  • Pros:  Nice looking; Soft and should be comfortable if in your size;  Holds a dildo well; Can be worn under clothes
  • Cons:  Much too small for me and uncomfortable; Only holds dildos up to about 2″.
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you’re sure it’s your size

rodeoh harness

The storage bag

The packaging for the RodeoH is very simple.  It came folded nicely in a small black pouch with a tag.  The pouch does say “rodeoH” as does the tag but it’s fairly discreet.  The pouch is nice, but I see no need to keep the harness stored in there.  The tag has the size circled and lists a little bit about the product.  Some of my favorite lines are “We apologize in advance if you can never get it on without us again” and “Please rodeoH responsibly”.  The tag also says that, like underware, the harness will not last forever, but if you treat them with care you will greatly extend their life.  “Machine or hand wash and hang to dry.  Do not boil.  Do not eat.”  Wait… do not eat?  >.> I’m just going to ignore that part…

rodeoh harness

Showing a dildo in the harness

The harness itself looks like a pair of men’s briefs.  I received the black and grey and most of the harness is black with grey trim and a grey front panel.  The overall look of the harness is attractive.  You can also get it in black and red.  The top has a large elastic band with “rodeoH” written on it.  The elastic isn’t stiff, in fact, it’s very soft and stretchy.  The material is also fairly stretchy and soft.  It does feel very nice on your skin.  The only issue I had was the size.  I received the XL which Babeland is listed as 37-40″ hip.  I’ve never heard of underwear measured in hip size, it’s always waist, and on rodeoH’s website they list it as waist, so I assumed it should fit.  I can get it on, but it doesn’t look flattering and it can get a little uncomfortable.   The waist band is about 31″ and while it stretches I’m not sure how comfortable it would be on a 41″ hip.  These do sit very low so the accurate measurement is probably the hip, but it does seem to run small.  My hips are about 50″ and while I can get it on, the seams int he legs dig in and it gives me a major wedgie.  Since I requested mine I do see that they have a XXL and XXXL, but it still only goes up to a 43″ hip.  I think these are supposed to be a bit tight, to hold  everything in place and not let your toy sag.

rodeoh harness

The harness itself

As far as holding a toy in, it works fairly well and seems to be okay for thrusting.  The o-ring is built into the fabric and it’s about 2″ in diameter.  It has no stretch though so you probably couldn’t fit a toy that’s bigger than that.  It’s easy to insert a toy into it, you simply pull apart the panels and slide the toy in.  There is also a cloth panel between you and the base of the toy.  I didn’t have any problems with it sagging, but it’s too tight for me to really use. As long as the base of the toy isn’t too flexible, it will hold your toy very nicely. You can put a toy in while it’s on, but it’s much easier to put it in before putting the harness on.  The harness you can just slip on like regular underwear.   Since it fits like underwear you can easily wear it under clothes.

Overall, I was disappointed with the sizing of the RodeoH Harness.  I was really excited about it, but it’s just too small for me.  Perhaps they’ll eventually come out with even larger sizes, especially seeing as all large sizes are currently sold out on Babeland.  I think if you’re within the size range, you should try it out though.  It is a unique harness and I feel like if it were big enough it would be super comfortable.  You can wear it under clothes and they do look nice.  I know my friend True Pleasures loves her’s though so you should check out her review as well.

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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