Review: Satin Jacquard Strapped Corset

I have developed a bit of a fetish for lingerie, especially corsets.  I just love how they look.  My only problem is I am not a small person and most sex toy stores only carry up to a large which just doesn’t cut it.  Sometimes the “plus sized” XL can’t even contain my boobs.  I was very excited when I stumbled across and saw they offer up to a 12X in many of their items.  So I contacted the owner and she agreed to let me review an item from Empire Intimates.  She focuses on high quality and well made lingerie lingerie that is only made in the USA.  So what am I going to review from her lovely collection?  The Empire Intimates Satin Jacquard Strapped Corset.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Lingerie
  • Manufacturer: Empire Intimates
  • Includes: Corset and G-string thong
  • Materials: Satin
  • Price: $70.00
  • Pros: Beautiful purple; Very flattering and versatile to wear; Provides excellent control; Very well made (and made in the USA);
  • Cons: The g-string/thong sucks; I should have ordered a size smaller; Not a waist-training corset
  • Overall Rating: 5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

empires intimates corset

From the front

There was no special packaging for the Satin Jacquard Strapped Corset.  When I received it it came in a sealed plastic bag and as soon as I pulled it out of the bag, I was in love.  I requested the purple and it is a beautiful shade of royal purple.  You guys know how I love purple.  The pictures I took just don’t do it justice and make it looks more blue than it really is.  I put it on right away and quickly learned I needed a second pair of hands to lace up the back.  I laced it up first and then worked up the front.  The front closes with hooks (just like on a bra) just they go all the way up.  It does take quite a while to get them all done, but it’s worth it.

empire intimates corset

From the side

Once you get it on you may need to make some adjustments, particularly to get your boobs looking just perfect.  But other than that it looks great.  I requested a 5X and I do wish I had requested a 4X instead because I can pull the laces completely closed and I feel like it could still be a little tighter.  However, I still love it, it just doesn’t show any skin in the back.  It’s still very form fitting with a lot of control.  It smooths out my belly, sides, and back and it also makes my boobs look pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  I’m also really like the straps.  They are wide and very comfortable and also very stretchy.  They don’t cut into your arms and provide just enough support that you don’t have to keep pulling it up or adjusting it like a strapless top.

empire intimates corset

From the back

One thing to note, this is not a waist training corset.  The boning in it is plastic and it is only intended to provide firm control.  I didn’t find that the boning poked me or prodded me in any weird ways.  It is a little long so when I sit with it on I have to sit very straight and proper, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The corset is made from satin with two different designs. The panels with the design have a black mesh backing which is very comfortable on your skin.  These panels also have very little stretch to them.  The solid purple panels, which is the same as the straps, is a very stretchy material with no backing on it.  The majority of the corset is made of the patterned panels with only two panels on the front leading up to the straps being the solid stretchy material.  The laces for the corset are quite long so it is very adjustable.  They are also soft on the skin.  The grommets that the laces thread through feel very sturdy and well attached as does the strip of fabric they are attached too.  I’ve heard many people say that corsets such as this are not well made and you cannot lace them up tightly because the grommets will pull through, but I don’t feel that this will happen with this corset.  It feels very well made and well stitched.  As far as cleaning, the tag says to hand wash only and to not bleach it.  I’d say you could probably also have it dry cleaned, if you were ballsy enough to take it in.

empire intimates corset

Laying down

The Jacquard Corset also has loops along the bottom inside edge to allow you to attach guarders to it.  It does not come with them, but I really like that it gives you the option to add them on if you like.  I really think this is a very versitile corset.  It could be worn as a top by itself or with a button up shirt over top of it.  You could also wear it under anything for figure control and a sexy surprise for whoever gets to undress you later.

empire intimates corset

The thong thing

The corset also comes with a small g-string type thong.  I’ll be honest, but I hate it.  It’s a small piece of cloth that matches the patterned sections of the corset with some strings for the rest of it.  It’s very stretchy and adjustable and should fit almost anyone but the patch of fabric wasn’t nearly big enough to cover my entire mons.  Mine was also sewed a little crooked.  In the picture on the website, it shows a pair of boy shorts of the same color, which I much would have preferred, but I have purple boy shorts that match, so I’m not really upset about it.  I just think if they wanted to include panties, they could at least make them a little nicer.  I had taken some pictures of the thong on, but they were very unflattering, so I decided not to post them.

Overall, I love the Empire Intimates Satin Jacquard Strapped Corset.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of lingerie.  It’s very flattering on me, plus it’s such a beautiful purple I’d probably love it even if it wasn’t flattering.  It’s a very versatile piece and if you don’t like the design, Ladystrange also sells the same style corset in solid colors.  Both the Jacquard and Solid are sold in sizes Small through 7X.  This corset is really beautiful and well made, it’s very much worth $70.00, especially to be able to get it in such a range of sizes!  Oh and by the way, I just may be doing a giveaway of an item from Ladystrange at some time in the future… something a little more summer and water oriented!

*This review was sponsored by Ladystrange Erotic Lingerie, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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  • That’s actually really cute! I didn’t know about til you posted the contest. They’ve got some neat stuff! I like that you said it’s long, too. I’ve got a long torso in addition to being plus-sized, so it’s REALLY difficult to find a well-fitted corset! Thanks for the review & pics!

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