Review: Scandal Control Cuffs

Up today for review is something a little kinkier than my usual fair, the Scandal Control Cuffs from the new Scandal line from California Exotic Novelties.  These cuffs are marked to be be used for dominance exertion, but they have another use that I’ll talk about later.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  BDSM – Cuffs; Position Aid
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Materials:  Polyester (cuffs), Polypropylene (strap), Polyoxymethylene (buckle)
  • Size:  Cuffs – Up to 14″ in circumference; Strap 3-9″ between cuffs
  • Price:  $22.49
  • Pros:  Cuffs are adjustable; Very soft comfortable lining; Pretty material and design
  • Cons:  Not much of a “handle” to hold on to
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

scandal control cuffs package

The package

The packaging for the Control Cuffs is much like the various other CEN products I have reviewed.  The front of the box standing and grasping the center of the control cuffs with the woman’s ankles in them and her legs in the air.  There is no nudity on the box, but it is obvious that they are having sex.  The image is made to look like a photo while also looking more like a hand painted piece of art.  While most of the box is a matte finish, the cuffs are glossy which make them stand out on the front.   The back of the box has a smaller similar image.  It lists the features in five languages.  The back blurb says “Forced positioning between trusting lovers is an incredibly sensual part of bondage love-play.  A set of cuffs joined at the middle by a graspable handle provides support and leverage for deep penetration, placing control firmly in the dominate partner’s hand.”

The cuffs themselves have two main components, the cuff and the “handle”.  The cuffs are made of polyester, but they don’t feel cheap.  The outside has a very pretty design that contains circles and some bits that look like leaves.  The background of the design is black and the design itself is a shiny, metallic red.  I really like the look of the design, but the majority  of the middle of the cuff is made up of the Velcro portion to close the cuff.  The inside of the cuff is my favorite part of the whole set.  The inside of the cuff is a very soft velour feeling that feels really nice against my skin.  I know bondage isn’t always about being comfortable, but I think these cuffs are great for beginners, or those that like the softer side of bondage.  The cuffs are connected with Velcro so they are quite adjustable, up to 14″ in circumference.  Once you get over about 10″ in circumference, you will have a gap in the cuff, but I haven’t found that the Velcro touches my skin because the cuffs are fairly thick.

close up of the scandal control cuffs

The cuffs close up

The handle portion is a polypropylene strap that connects the two cuffs.  There is a buckle between the cuffs, which you would  think would be in the middle, but the female end of the connector is close to one cuff while the male end is at the end of a strap connected to the other cuff.  The strap is adjustable and can give you a maximum of 9″ to a minimum of 3″ between the cuffs.  The intent of the strap between the cuffs is to act as a handle, however, it seems more of an afterthought.  If you have the distance short, you will be holding the plastic clasp, which isn’t very comfortable and you could accidentally release it or get your fingers pinched in it.  If the strap is elongated, it is better to grip but it still doesn’t sit in the hand well, since it’s just a strap.  I think it would function better as a control cuff if there was more of a rounded portion to act as the handle.

In use, the handle is not as good as I would like it to be, but it does give an extra gripping point.  The cuffs are adjustable enough that they can be used on wrists or ankles, though on wrists they can be very easy to pop the plastic clip connecting them.  That can be a good feature if you are new to bondage and need a quick release.  I think the main benefit to these cuffs is not control in the dominance standpoint, but leverage.  Holding your legs up to get a deeper penetration can get very tiring for long periods of time, especially if you not able-bodied.  However, this can allow the penetrating partner to support some of the weight.  It also gives that partner a place to grasp to control their trusting.  It can of course be used for bondage, though it lacks in having other connectors to hook to other types of cuffs and such.

Overall, I think the Scandal Control Cuffs are quite pretty and can have a place in anyone’s toy box.  They are soft on your skin and can be adjusted for small wrists to large ankles, and a lot of sizes in between.  They offer some light bondage abilities along with being a position aid.  If you are just int he market for cuffs, they do offer Universal Cuffs in the same line that have D-rings instead of the plastic clip and strapping.

banner for the califnora exotic novelties sexpert program

*This review was sponsored by California Exotic Novelties, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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