Review: Sextrology – The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes

I’m not a big believer in Astrology, but it’s something I’ve always found fun to read about.  I’m a Pisces and generally descriptions are kinda close to my personality, so I thought Sextrology from Eden Fantasys would be a fun book to read.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:   Adult Information Book
  • Author:   Starsky and Cox
  • Publisher:   Collins
  • Pages:   553
  • Size:   9″ x 7″ x 1.5″
  • Price:   $16.95
  • Pros:   Well organized;  Serious book; Very detailed; Good sidebar tidbits
  • Cons:   Book is very large, not discreet or easy to hide; Text is small; Language is a bit too whimsical; My sign did not fit me at all
  • Overall Rating:   4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

I have to say I was shocked at how large this book really is.  It’s nearly 2″ thick and is around 9″ tall by 7″ wide.  The cover is fairly plain with only four colors.  The front cover has very little on it except the main abstract design.  It does say “Sextrology” in fairly large letters near the bottom as long as “The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes”.  The spine also says the same but in a much larger text.  If you need to be discreet, this book is not one you’d want to leave on your bookshelf.  It’s also so large it would be difficult to hide behind other books and would not fit in most bed side tables.  The size does bother me just because it takes up a lot of space.

sextrology from eden fantasys

Sextrology Book

The contents of the book are fairly straight forward.  There is a brief four page introduction that explains the contents of the book and a bit about what to expect.  This was written as a serious book and in the introduction it says “we believe that the zodiac has been ignored as a real meditative tool for understanding human nature.”  After the introduction there are 24 other chapters, one for each sign and gender of the zodiac.  Each chapter has it’s own short intro along with a few other sections; “Sign + Mind”, “Body + Soul”, “Sex + Sexuality”, and “Couplings”.  The Sign + Mind section is a psychological profile of the zodiacal personality.  Body + Soul covers the physical attributes and modes of expression and Sex + Sexuality details the sexual attitudes and behaviors.  The Couplings is what you often see in Cosmo that pairs each sign together.  The only difference is it includes gay and straight couplings for each sign and gender.  One thing that bugged me a bit about the couplings is if you were to look at, for example, “Aries Man / Pisces Woman” the text is exactly the same as in the Pisces Woman section for “Pisces Woman / Aries Man” and so on.  It’d just be nice if they could reword it or something, it just seemed a little lazy to do it that way.

Aside from the sections, there are also side bars with little notes and tidbits throughout each chapter.  Most of these are the same that I saw when I flipped through the book and they include things about the sign such as the sign glyph, sign number, and others.  There are also some more fun ones such as keywords, famous people of that gender and sign, as well as straight and gay turn ons.  The only thing that bothered me, and I’m not really sure why, is when it lists straight turn ons it’s spelled “ST8 Turn-Ons”.  I did also find that the text itself in the book is a bit small for my liking.  There is sooo much text on the page and no images, it gets a little daunting to read, especially if you wanted to read it cover to cover.  The writing is fairly clear and easy to read.  The language itself is a not very simple though but it’s also not overly extravagant either.  I think I would have preferred a more playful and less whimsical seeming language.

Since I’m a Pisces, I only read through the Pisces Woman “the dream” chapter in detail.  I was very disappointed to find that it didn’t really fit me at all.  The Pisces Woman in this chapter is essentially a prima donna.  The straight turn ons were very off for me for the most part.  It includes father figures or young boys (which I like neither, quite the opposite actually…) as well as sensitive men, married men/homewrecking, passive tickling and teasing, alcohol, and narcotics.  All things I’m very against and in fact turned off by.  I hate hate hate HAAATE being tickled.  There are a few things that I liked  liked nibbling and licking, but there wasn’t much on the list that I really liked.  The lesbian turn ons were a bit closer, but perhaps I’ll read through the Aquarius Woman since I’m pretty close to the cusp of Pisces and maybe some of the others to find a sign that fits me.

Overall, I think that Sextrology is a fun book.  I still don’t really believe in astrology, especially since my sign didn’t fit me at all, but I think it’s always neat to read.  I think the couplings can be fun to read with your partner.  Who know, maybe your sign will fit you perfectly and it can help as a meditative tool.

product picture
Book by Starsky + Cox
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Collins
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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