Review: Sheer Chemise Set

I’ve become quite a collector of lingerie.  I mean who doesn’t love some sexy lingerie?  I was thrilled when Babeland agreed to send me the Sheer Chemise Set to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Lingerie
  • Manufacturer:  iCollection
  • Includes:  Chemise and g-string
  • Materials:  90% Nylon and 10% Spandex
  • Size:  Small (2-14), Large (16-20)
  • Price:  $40.00
  • Pros:  Pretty; Various materials; Not rough or scratchy; Very stretchy; Straps can work multiple ways
  • Cons:  Can be a bit too formfitting; A tad pricey; Limited sizes; Small cups; G-string
  • Overall Rating: something/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you think it would be more flattering on you

sheer chemise set from babeland

The package

This Chemise comes in a fairly standard box for lingerie.   The front of the box says “iCollection” along the side and has an image of a model (an actual plus sized model) wearing the piece.  The back has an image of the same model from behind and lists what comes in the box along with care instructions and the size.  The front of the box also has a small window that you can see the fabric through.  The box is okay, as far as something I’d expect to see lingerie come in.  The images are tasteful and show how it fits and looks on an actual body.  I don’t intend to keep the box, I’ll just toss the piece into my lingerie box with the rest of my sexy things.

The Chemise is completely sheer and has sections of mesh and lace.  The cups, a band just below the cups, and the bottom edge are lace.  A middle panel on the back seems to be a mix between lace and mesh.  The rest of the body is a dotted mesh.  The straps are interesting because the front is a double strap that slides through a loop at the top of each cup.  The double strap connects to a metal ring that then connects to a more traditional bra style slider.  I was pleased that the rings and sliders are actually mental and not a flimsy plastic.  The straps connect on the back and are actually removable in the back. This means you don’t have to wear them just straight straps.  I prefer to cross the straps because I feel it gives a bit more support.  You can also hook the straps together to do a halter style if you liked.  In addition to the straps, there is also a ribbon tie in the back.  The whole back isn’t open, just near the top. At the top, at the lace band, there are two 1.5″ wide, 22″ long satin ribbons (one on either side).  I suggest having someone help you tie them after you get it on and then leave it tied.  Since the ties are satin, you need to makes sure you get the knot fairly tight.

sheer chemise set from babeland

The front with my boobs positioned carefully to not bulge (ignore the mess in the background)

The fit of the Chemise is very form fitting.  The material is quite stretchy.  It will hug all your curves, and I mean all of them.  So if you really want to hide that extra belly roll, you may not like this much.  My one male friend I modeled it for said it didn’t help my figure much.  I have the one-size queen size which is listed to fit 5’6″ – 5’10” and 175-250lbs.  I’m only 5’4, but I didn’t feel that this was too long.  The images on the box show it not completely covering the butt while this does come down over my butt, but I think it’s fine like that.  Online it says it should fit a size 16-20.  That’s a fairly narrow range compared to the small one-size fits all which is listed to fit sizes 2 through 14.  I’d suggest if you’re on the upper end of the small scale to go with the queen size version, unless you want it to be extremely (and I mean really) tight.  I was also disappointed that the cups on the queen size are rather small.  On the model they fit well, but I wear a DD to DDD bra and these just do not contain all of my boobs.  They tend to bulge out out side or the other.  There also is very little support.  You can ad support by crossing the straps and tying the back tie tighter, but the material is so stretchy, there’s little you can to do add a lot of support.

sheer chemise set from babeland

Showing the back with the straps crossed (horrible bow!)

The g-string is also made from the same dotted mesh.  The g-string is very simple and is just a triangle of the mesh attached two elastic bands.  When laying flat, the waist band measures to about 15″ (so a 30″ waist).  When stretched to the max, it’s about 21″ (a 43″ waist).  My waist is between 40-41″ so I’m pushing it with this g-string, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable other than the fact that it’s a g-string and I really don’t like g-strings.  It’s more comfortable if I wear the straps higher over my hips, if I wear them where it would be even across the top of the mesh, it really digs into my hips.  I also found that the straps like to roll a lot, which makes it not as soft.  The mesh portion does actually cover my entire pubic area, which I was a bit surprised by.  How well the g-string fits on someone larger than myself would depend on how you wear the straps.  If you wear it over your hips it would fit a few sizes larger, but then it creates a V at the back.  If you wear it across your hips, I don’t think it would fit larger than myself.

The tags on both pieces say that it’s made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex.  The material isn’t rough, but it’s not as soft as a finer mesh or satin.  I do like the feel of it on my skin though. The lace is a bit more rough than the mesh, but it’s still not scratchy or itchy.  As far as care, both items say to hand wash in cold water and not to bleach.  I would cut off the tags though, because they’re both fairly large, especially on the g-string.

Overall, I like the Sheer Chemise Set okay.  It’s not my favorite piece of lingerie but it seems to be a decent quality.  I do wish it would come in a wider range of sizes, the “one-size” fits all are always a hit or a miss I feel like.  I think it takes a very specific figure for this to look very good on, so be sure it’s something you think you’d want before dropping $40 (a bit pricey) on this set.  Babeland also carries another similar chemise, the Red and Black Chemise Set.

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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