Review: Sinful Sensations

I have another interesting product to review for you today from Pipedreams, Sinful Sensations Warming Massage Lotion.

The Run Down:

sinful sensations

The bottle

The large bottle of Sinful Sensations is a nice bright pink bottle.  It doesn’t have anything overly sexual on it, besides saying “sinful”.  IT also has a picture of strawberry on the front since the flavor I received is “Strawberry Seduction”.  The strawberry is the only one I see offered in the larger bottle.  There are other flavors (Blackberry Bliss, Spiced Apple, and Rasberry Rapture) in the 1 oz style which come in a small screw top bottle.


sinful sensations

The top

The large bottle does have a very interesting top, which I liked.  There’s a small button on the lid (which is the bottom of the bottle) that when pressed the dispensing part pops up.  I haven’t used a product that dispenses like this and I think it’s very easy to use.  The button is very easy to push and it’s easy to close with one hand.  The only issue I had is if you do not close it very well it can leak around the edge, but this could be a flaw with my bottle.    I try to store mine upside down just to be safe, but that can be difficult to do since the top is rounded.


sinful sensations

Showing how thin it is

The lotion itself is not really a lotion at all, it’s more of a liquid.  It is very runny and a translucent pink in color.  I haven’t gotten it on my sheets, but it may stain.  I would prefer if it were thicker as it will run all over the place, but since it is very thin it does spread easily.  I honestly expected this to be sticky and tacky and overall unpleasant, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It actually spreads over the skin very well and never becomes sticky at all.  I also found that it stays slick for a long time.  You really don’t have to use much at a time.  If you use too much I think it would leave you feeling very greasy and wanting a shower.  I did find it left me feeling slightly greasy after a small application, but also soft.  The main ingredient in Sinful Sensations is glycerin, which is a very good moisturizer.  However, I would not recommend using this as female lubricant.  Plus it has sucralose and fructose in it so it probably would not be very vagina friendly.  It is paraben free though, so I don’t think anyone should have a problem using this for massage.

Now, the smell of the Sinful Sensations is a very strong sweet, candy strawberry smell.  I don’t think it smells bad at all, but it is a very sweet, almost sickeningly sweet, smell.  It does diffuse after you start to massage it in, leaving only a faint smell.  The taste is basically like the smell, if you taste it before rubbing it in it is very sweet and a little bitter (from my experience some red dyes can leave a slight bitter taste).  Once you rub it in some, the taste is much milder and I didn’t notice any bitterness.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the taste, it’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite taste in the word either.  I would probably like the blueberry or raspberry better; I’m usually meh about strawberry flavors.  I myself didn’t notice any warming sensations when it was massaged into my leg, but did on the underside of my forearm.  I also felt it warm when I blew on it there too.

Overall, I think that the Sinful Sensations Warming Massage Lotion is a good product.  I love the pop-top container and it does not get sticky or gross for a massage.  It’s not suitable for intercourse, but it could work well for a kissable hand-job and massages.  You can add a little to wherever you want (except lady bits) and massage it in to leave a light, kiss-able sweet flavor.  If you’re unsure if you’d like this, I’d suggest starting out with one of the small 1 oz bottles or the sampler pack where you can get all four flavors to try.  You can find them all at Pipedreams.

*This review was sponsored by Pipedreams, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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