Review: Slit Licker

Today I’m reviewing a toy with a horribly awesome name, the Slit Licker sent to me by Topco Sales to review.  The Slit Licker comes in “Punk Ass Pink” and is part of Joanna Angel’s Burning Angels Toys line.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Out-ie and In-ie (supposedly)
  • Manufacturer: Topco Sales
  • Materials: Jelly
  • Size: 8″ total length;  1.25″ in width;  3″ long and 1.5″ wide tongue;
  • Price: $30.56
  • Pros: Phthlate and latex free; No smell and not sticky;  Funny name;  Tongue works well for both broad and pin point sitmulation;  Multiple functions;  Dedicated on/off switch; Waterproof
  • Cons: Package is not discreet; Can’t be sterilized;  A bit creepy looking
  • Intensity: 2.5/5
  • Volume: 1/5
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes

burning angel slit licker

The package

The Slit Licker comes in a clear clamshell package.  You can clearly see the toy so it’s not really discreet.  It has the “Burning Angel Toy” design on the top and a signature by Joanna Angel.  The back of the package contains the details of the toy.  On the front and back it has the”Phthlate Free Latex Free” stamp as stamp saying that it’s waterproof.  The back of the package also says it uses 2 AAA batteries (not included) and that  you should use rechargeable batteries.  I like that it says that cause it may make people think more about buying rechargeable batteries to use in their toys.

burning angel slit licker

The full length of the toy

The toy itself is 8″ in total length and the main shaft is about 1.25″ wide.  It is essentially a standard traditional vibrator covered with a jelly sleeve.  OMG I’m reviewing something made from jelly?! Yep!  It’s Phalate free and I don’t intend on sharing it with a partner so I’m okay with it.  I actually like the texture of jelly.  It has a different feel than silicone.  The jelly of the Slit Licker doesn’t really have a smell at all and it doesn’t feel sticky.  It has a lot of drag to it, so you will want to use some lube with it (silicone or water based) and just a little dab makes it nice and slick.  You know you want a slick Slit Licker.  To clean it, you can use soap and water or toy cleaner.  However, since it is jelly don’t bleach or boil it and it cannot be sterilized.  If you wish to share it with a partner, use a condom over it.

burning angel slit licker

The tongue

The shape of the toy is pretty interesting and slightly creepy too.  It’s essentially a curled tongue on a stick.  As attractive as I’m sure it sounds it actually works pretty well for stimulation.  The tongue offers a broad surface to rub over your slit (sorry I had to) and the very tip of the tongue flaps around a bit to give you a more pinpoint sensation.  THe package also says you can insert the toy and use the tongue for g-spot stimulation.  I feel like that will work, but I have not tried it yet.  The shape of the tongue seems like it may make it a bit difficult to insert, especially since it is a bit girthy.  The shaft of the toy is also completely inflexible.  Most of the toy is a plastic covered in the jelly material until you get to the tongue.  The tip of the tongue is very flexible.

As I mentioned earlier this takes two AAA batteries.   To put them in, just unscrew the base and insert them.  There is a rubber O-ring so this is safe to get some slit licking acting in the shower or tub.  To operate the toy you turn it on with the dedicated on/off button on the end and you can cycle through the patterns with the mode button.  Turning the toy on also lights up a small LED on the bottom of the toy that changes from red to green based on the intensity of the vibration.  It has seven functions in total with three being a steady vibration and the remaining four being patterns of pulsations and escalations.  The vibrations themselves are a tad buzzy, but to me it feels like the jelly dulls them out a bit and makes them deeper than if it were just a hard plastic toy.  The vibrations are not amazingly strong, but for two AAAs it’s enough for me to enjoy.  The motor also seems like it is located near the tip of the toy in the tongue part as the vibrations are felt mostly there.  The vibrations are also fairly quiet, which is awesome.  On the highest speed I can barely hear it when I hold it away from me, so I’m sure it cannot be heard through the wall.

Overall, I think the Slit Licker is a nice little toy, even if it is jelly.  While it can’t be shared between partners without a condom, I do enjoy it and it is super quiet.  The shape works well and gives you options between a board and pinpoint vibration and the vibrations themselves are pretty nice.  Some may find it too weak for them or may be weirded out by the tongue.   It’s a fairly inexpensive toy and you can buy it here.

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*This review was sponsored by Topco Sales, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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